I was (and still am) the girl in school that everyone knew as the "girly-girl." I always wondered if that was a good thing, because, in movies, the girly-girls are always unrealistically stupid, or extremely rude. If only the tomboys knew the struggle (because it is very real).

1. You would rather spend money on clothes than food.

It's not that we want to starve ourselves, but if it's a choice between Chinese take-out or a new outfit, the answer is obvious. I can eat just as much, if not more than the typical teenager, however, I can also shop and find deals like nobody's business.

2. You're constantly asked, "Why are you so dressed up?"

Does it matter?! If I want to dress nice, I will dress nice. Last time I checked, I didn't have to give a reason as to why I decided to do so. Also, anyone who asks me "Who are you all dressed up for?" should expect a nice long rant about how I am an independent woman who dresses to match her personality.

3. You can't stand going without polish on your toes.

Winter, spring, summer, fall my toes will be polished (probably a shade of pink) at all times. I don't care that no one sees them. I see them, therefore it is important.

4. Two words: "Gossip Girl"

If you haven't watched all six seasons, start now. If you're a fellow girly-girl, you'll love it. Trust me. #QueenB

5. Your favorite color has almost always been pink.

Except for maybe that one year in middle school where you were very lost, this holds true. We are just naturally attracted to pink. The majority of your closet probably reflects this theory.

6. When you were little, you had more dress up clothes than real clothes.

Princess costumes, sequined tutus and plastic high heels were literally the definition of my childhood. You probably can recall arguments with your mother about not being able to wear your Belle costume to school.

7. You won't buy a phone case that isn't cute.

I don't care about waterproof or shockproof. If it has rhinestones or glitter, shut up and take my money. Cell phones are accessories, too, am I right ladies?

8. Showing up to school wearing the same outfit as someone else is an actual nightmare.

If it isn't twin day, then no one else should be wearing the same outfit as me. It takes a long time to decide what to wear in the morning, so the last thing I need is to show up looking like someone else.

9. Your purse probably looks like Sephora.

Midday touch ups are essential. Wipe, reapply and blot. You don't seriously expect us to go an entire day without at least powdering our noses, do you?

10. You sometimes accidentally say "totes" instead of "totally."

It sounds ridiculous, but it's an honest mistake. I mean we're just spicing up the conversation a little bit, you know? You'll totes warm up to it.

11. Your car has a name.

"Lucy," "Gigi" or "Silvia," the list goes on and on. I have heard it all. Cars are special to girls. Most of the time we live out of them, therefore they should be called something other than "my car."

P.S. Mine is named LuLu.

12. You've seen every Nicholas Sparks movie and have probably cried through all of them.

I mean are you really a girly-girl if you can't quote "The Notebook?" Those are some of the best movies, and I refuse to change the channel when they're on. They get me every time.

13. Monograms, monograms, and more monograms.

Because for some reason, we feel the need to put our initials on everything. It's cute, girly and classic. Doesn't get any better than that.

14. Your Christmas/birthday list probably includes the names Kate Spade and Lilly Pulitzer.

If you don't know who those people are, I am so sorry. These women are the ultimate symbols of the everyday girly-girl.

15. You have a "side" when taking pictures with friends.

True friends know what your "best" side is and understand how important the lighting is. We can't post a caption with #nofilter if we actually had to use a filter! That would be ridiculous!

The list just goes on and on, but these are some of the most important characteristics of a girly-girl. We stand together, ladies. In the words of Queen B, "Who run the world? GIRLS!"