To my fellow women,

I guess I am expected to apologize to the women of this country. I did not march or lend my support for the women's protests and/or marches. Let me explain– it’s not that I don’t believe in equality or the power of women. In fact, I believe that women are all pretty awesome. I am as fierce and independent as they come. In a society where self-empowerment is thought so highly of, I know my own worth but still, I chose not to march.

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I think it's making men and women lose some of their value. Many feminists will tell you that they don’t hate men; they just want equality. I’m not saying I think all women marching hate men. I do, however, think it’s important to support our differences as well. I can carry a gun, practice whatever religion I chose, or legally do all the things a man can do. Some days I feel like women get the sympathy card over a man when it comes down to it (if I’m being honest–I know I have). As women, we should embrace our uniqueness. We weren’t made to do everything a man was. Men weren’t made to do everything we were. Chivalry has lost it's importance, and some women are forgetting that we are different, and we have different purposes. Yes, I hope and believe we are valued equally, but for separate things.

I also found myself not giving my support to the movement because I noticed many marching in protest of Donald Trump. I realize he might not be the most ideal president, but in his one week in office he has yet to take away my rights. Sure, what he said years ago is terrible (like I’m sure many of us have regrettably said some things), and I give no excuses for him on that, but why are we whining about it if he hasn't DONE any harm to women during his time as president? He hasn't even given reason to believe he's going to cut our pay or rights. "Equal pay" wasn't taken from us overnight. This has been going on for quite some time, so don't blame him for this just because you don't like him. Mr. Trump may say or even occasionally do questionable things regarding other issues, but I want to see what he does for women. After all, his daughter did write a book about working women, so I think it will be interesting to see if she will help the nation with any issues it has regarding women. I am 100% in agreement with women (and men) standing up for their beliefs when someone goes against them, but until he physically does or implements something terrible, I want to give our new president the opportunity to do something right.

The day Mr. Trump gives women, men, African American, and other legal inhabitants of our country different laws will be the day I march. I will fight on the day I feel my womanhood has stripped. The day our president stops supporting our military (something other presidents/almost-presidents did not support well) is the day I will donate, make signs, or walk hand in hand with someone blocking the road. Until that day comes, I am choosing to sit by and support our leaders. Until that day, empower each other by being nicer to one another. Love each other equally, and be kind.


A Woman Waiting To See What's To Come And Hoping For The Best