To The Man Lucky Enough to Love Her After Me
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To The Man Who Gets To Love Her After Me

Here's everything you need to know if you try to take my spot.

To The Man Who Gets To Love Her After Me
Logan Merrill

To the man who comes after me, the lucky man who gets to take my spot:

First of all, you don't exist and you never will. I will never be foolish enough to let the greatest thing to ever happen to me slip through my fingers. But let's just say in some alternate universe, it happens. There are some things you need to know if you're going to try to fill my shoes and play the boyfriend role better than me.

There are, of course, the quirky things you need to know. She doesn't use pillows when she sleeps. That's right, none. She loves jamming to Christmas music year-round, yeah, even in the dead of summer. She can't stand Candy Crush so if you have it on your phone, you better delete it right now. She loves mint chocolate chip ice cream, but only if it's the green color. She even prefers old pepperoni pizza to fresh. I know, crazy.

Memorize her food orders, each restaurant has its own specific order. Olive Garden? Broccoli Alfredo, salad over soup, and tons of breadsticks with extra Alfredo sauce. Wendy's 4 for 4? Junior bacon cheeseburger, nuggets with BBQ sauce, fries and a chocolate frosty to drink (or strawberry lemonade depending on her mood). Knowing these will come in handy, I promise.

When it comes down to it, she is unlike any woman you've ever met or ever will meet, I can promise you that. She'll challenge you and push all of your buttons, but she'll look damn cute doing it. You won't be able to stay mad after she flashes that perfect smile in your direction and bats her long eyelashes. I can never look at her when I'm mad, I just instantly melt. Whenever she says she isn't hungry, that's a lie. She'll eat all damn day if you let her but she'll never gain an ounce, I envy her metabolism. And trust me, she can pack it away, ask for dessert, and still be hungry an hour later. It's truly incredible, impressive, and honestly, so sexy. She'll always end up eating off your plate. Let her, share with her. If she's been quiet for more than 12 whole seconds, something is definitely bothering her even though she'll insist there isn't.

She loves to talk, and she'll tell you the same story 4 different times, just act surprised and laugh each time as if it were the first. When the scar above her eyebrow turns a darker shade of pink, she's exhausted and wants to go to sleep. She never admits when she's tired, though. She's stubborn, oh man is she stubborn. She'll never, ever ask you for help, even when her plate is piled high. She's too proud, but the strength of that woman is astounding. She also has the most compassionate soul. You better be ready for a 24-hour concert. She's always singing and somehow knows the lyrics to every single song that's ever been written. Don't let her fall asleep with her makeup on, she'll fight you every step of the way but she'll be so thankful the next morning. I hope you don't expect a fair share of the bed or blankets, and have fun with her two hundred alarms each morning. Kiss all of your favorite hoodies goodbye, but you won't be mad when you see how much better they look on her. She's clingy because she cares and she'll push you beyond your limits because she'll see your true potential. You'll thank her for that immensely one day.

She'll shower you with love, day in and day out. Her efforts will never stop or fall short. You'll never want to go home because she is the only thing that will feel like home to you. You'll never feel like you have to hate or hide the parts of yourself you aren't too fond of. She'll embrace all of those parts gently and wholeheartedly. She's an angel. You'll never feel like you're facing anything alone. She'll be there to hold you up and brave the storm with you, no hesitation or questions asked. Every day will be the best day of your life and you'll wake up happy to be alive.

But not every day will be a good day, and these are the times when you need to reciprocate all of that. Give her all that love right back. Let her freak out about nursing school and how hectic it gets but never let her believe she can't do it. She's a free spirit. Never try to cage that, just run wild with her instead. There will be days you have to be extra gentle and understanding, there are battles going on in her head she won't even know how to describe. There will be days she'll ask you if you still love her every other minute. Don't get annoyed, she just needs reassurance. There will be days she'll be breaking down convinced it's the very end of the world. Just let her feel and validate her. She's a very emotional person. She feels the weight of the world, but don't hold that against her. Not every day will be a good one, but don't you dare give up on her.

Take in her beauty, every inch, every little thing like the heart-shaped birthmark on her ankle and the one specific freckle on the bridge of her nose that's slightly larger and darker than the others. Call her pretty as if it were her first name. She'll make you want to roll your eyes one second but laugh the very next. She'll push all of your buttons with a smile on her face. She will make you a better man with her unconditional love. If sunshine were to take a human form; it's her. Cherish her, your life will never be the same again. You are the luckiest man alive.

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