To The Friends Who Making Living Possible

I know its only been less than two years since we've met, but you have changed me in unimaginable ways. You have made me grow stronger than I ever thought I could be.

You are there through the stresses of school and work and whatever else is thrown into our hectic lives but you are also there to supply the laughs and smiles. Endless movie night and frat parties. Dinner nights to bring everyone together after weeks of being apart.

My friends, you are all the reason that I overcome my "funks" and my bad days.

You are the reasons I push through to get my work done so that we could enjoy the three days every week we get to spend with each other.

I can't even think of a group closer and more supportive than the people I have surrounding me every day. I feel so lucky to not only be apart of an organization of girls who support and love each other more than anything.

But to have a friend group outside of those girls, who give the same amount of love. These are the ladies that will be my bridesmaids and the dudes that will attend my wedding, if not being a groomsman. We are going to watch each other grow successful and continue to make the world a better place way beyond our college years.

I am so incredibly excited to see each and every one of my friends do something, create something and become of something absolutely amazing. Whether that be becoming a teacher and influencing the lives of hundreds of children, managing a hotel in the Carrabian, saving someone's life by replacing a valve in their heart or just by simply having one conversation, getting to the bottom of a huge crime investigation, moving to Africa and curing sick wild animals, working for the government, or just being their to love a support their family.

You are all going to go far and do amazing so let's make the last three years the best three years. Let's push each other to our limits and watch each other be the absolute best we can be.

Ohana Forever Baby

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