To the one who tore down my walls,

You have conquered the impossible. You destroyed all the years of advice of “Don’t let your guard down”, “You can never be too careful” and “Never trust the intentions of anyone else”. This was easy advice to take though because I only ever shared the superficial things about my life.

Insecurities, hard lessons learned and being in high school when most things were temporary, made dating a difficult thing for me, personally. The thought of someone seeing me on my horrible, difficult and gloomy days made my heart race with fear and anxiety. I simply could not handle the possibility of being judged or left because I am only human. Less than a year ago, things changed.

I met you.

I met you and did not think that you would ever mean this much to me. Sure, I had doubts and worries about where things would be left at the end the summer when I went away to college, but because of you, I lost every worry in the world. I felt like I knew you long before you came in my life.

From the loud singing to ridiculous throwback songs and the sincere three-hour long phone calls, I would not change one thing about our relationship. I wouldn’t call anyone else but you on all my horrible, difficult and gloomy days because talking to you makes things better. I do not care how bad or little the situation may be, I want to turn to you.

You learned to love me while I was still learning to love myself. I thought that college would come and go before I found someone who was as goal-oriented and compassionate about what they want in life like you. I did not think I would find someone who would accept me for everything and all that I am.

Allowing you into my life and letting you in has been one of the best decisions I unknowingly made. I am a better person because of you. You make me laugh much harder, you never fail to make me smile or to make my heart race. I cry more tears of joy and love much more than I ever have. From the adorable good morning texts to the jokes that make me want to roundhouse kick you, I would not change one thing about you and most importantly us.

Thank you for ruining my plans of being alone forever, tearing down my walls and making me trust again.