To The High School Teacher Who Impacted My Life More Than They Know

To The High School Teacher Who Impacted My Life More Than They Know

You'll always be my favorite high school teacher.

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To The High School Teacher That Impacted My Life,

Thank you for all that you ever did for me and your classes. In all four years of high school, you are the one teacher that has made an impact on my life more than you think you did.

To me, you were more than just a teacher, you were a friend and a mother-figure to me. You were someone that I felt comfortable coming to about school-related and personal things. You don't find a lot of teachers who you can comfortably open up to and for that I am grateful.

I always loved coming to your class because you always made learning French so much fun. It was so wonderful being your student and being a part of your life. I love that I can still come visit you when I'm home from college and we can catch up for a minute (we still need to get that coffee).

I don't think you realize what a positive mark you've made on me and my life. And not just me, but every student you've ever had. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of having you as a teacher is quite lucky, I know I was. I always appreciated your advice and wisdom. I really miss your goofiness and being around it every day.

Although we don't keep in touch as much as I would like to, you do cross my mind.

The memories that you helped create my senior year are ones I will never forget. You gave me the trip of a lifetime. I could not be more thankful for something than that. I will always cherish those 10 days in France. It was something I could've never dreamed of doing until later in life.

Again, thank you for being my teacher and my friend. And thank you for all the wonderful memories you made in the two years I had you.

Hope everything is great!



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