To The Girls Who Doesn't Think She's Enough


I know how you feel. I know that you struggle to see the good in yourself even though you never fail to see the good in those that are around you. I know that you struggle believing that people care or that they will stick around because you've never been good enough for anyone before, so why would you be good enough now?

I get it. It's hard to think that way; to feel that way. It's hard to be the positive person and see the good in everyone when all you see when you look at yourself is a person that was never good enough.

Maybe you weren't good enough for your parents. Or maybe it was your "friends" or the boy with the pretty eyes that made you feel something so much deeper than you ever thought possible that then left you and moved on like you never even mattered.

But I want to tell you something, and I want you to remember it. You are enough. You will always be enough. You will never stop being enough.

I know that in today's society, it's hard to feel like you meet the standards that are set and the expectations you are supposed to meet. It's like no matter how high your grades are, you still aren't smart enough. No matter how perfect your make-up is, you're still not pretty enough. No matter how hard you try, you still fail and you still aren't good enough.

This is just some stupid cycle society has created in order to make us feel consistently inadequate with ourselves. I don't know why it happened or how it came to be but the idea of never being good enough is ingrained in everything we do. We don't do things for ourselves anymore. We do things to be successful, to be enough, to be what is expected.

I know that you feel like you aren't enough. I know that people have made you feel that way and that it's programmed into your brain and that it's hard to believe otherwise. But I promise that you are enough. You are more than enough. You are smart enough. You are pretty enough. You are good enough. You are ENOUGH.

Do not let other people, or society, or even your own mind ever make you believe that you are anything less than enough.

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