To The Girl With A Strong Personality

To The Girl With A Strong Personality

Why is a confident woman so intimidating?

Recently, I was talking with one of my new college friends. We were gossiping, talking about high school and reminiscing. We were talking about becoming more independent, then she brought up that sometimes when girls become more confident, promote self-love or make a stand to happily embrace the life of being a single and independent woman, people get a little weird about the whole thing. Let me explain: when a gal claims her independence (which everyone obviously has the right to do) or wants to take time for herself, people start to get offended and insecure. I’m into the phrase “you do you.” I think if a girl wants to be a nontraditional mom, a stay at home mom or not a mom at all, that is totally fine. Sometimes I say things like “I don’t want kids” or “I don’t want to plan my life out” AKA maybe I don’t want to get married right away. People think I’m confused or some type of weirdo because I may not know what I want. I thought we were past the whole “your only purpose as a woman is to have children” thing.

All things considered, I want to know why the heck people are still writing about women being too intimidating for men in relationships and bulls*it like that. Why is it that women should have to make sure they’re not being too confrontational or assertive? I want to be more assertive, honestly, but please don’t drop the “that’s intimidating” sh*t.

In relationships, I want to be up-front and real about everything. I’m not going to go through an entire relationship sugar coating everything. I want you to be straight up with me, and I’ll be straight up with you. No one wants to be called out on their sh*t, but at times it can be refreshing to hear some honesty. I want to do my own thing and “do me” for awhile, and I think that is completely fine. Also, it’s totally cool if you want a serious relationship. If you’re a bada** woman and you’re happy just living and trying to figure life out on your own for a while, just do you. Strengths aren’t scary, decisiveness is great, and it is totally okay to want to be alone for awhile.

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It's 3 AM And You're The Reason Why I Can't Sleep

The muscles in my body keep aching // probably from writing about you.

It's 3 a.m

Looking at my clock

Oh my gosh

I can't eat

I can't sleep

My mind won't shut off

Too many quotes in my head summarizing "You'll be fine."

The muscles in my body keep aching

Probably from writing about you

Instead of sleeping

I decided to wake up

Made a pot of coffee, 1 spoonful of sugar

it's sweet, unlike your soul

The bitterness in my soul won't stop from hating you

You said we'd be friends

I was fine

Even after you said you wanted to date

I'm not into you like that

Not sure why I went on a date with you

Maybe, 'cause I wanted to know what a date felt like

I loved the attention


You're not the one who I want the attention from

The one I'm waiting for is 2 hours away

It's sad cause it's hard to see her face

We've only ever chatted online

It's weird cause I've never spoken to someone so kind

She could be a creep or a stalker in the streets but

I won't know until I see her

Sure, she's got a beautiful body

but her mind...

oh my, her mind...

that's what made me stay.

Aside from the sugar, I put in the cream

It had a creamy sweetness to it

I love the smell of coffee at 3 a.m.

It may be too soon for that


it's never too soon to get a jumpstart on your day

I went into the forest

I ran like the wind

I ran so fast you couldn't see me

The best part about running with headphones

and the soft sounds of nature is really soothing

it focuses the brain on what to think of

Sure, the girl is the one I can't stop thinking about

She's always in the back of my mind

It doesn't matter though, I have to stay focused

It's not a want.

It's a need.

Started doing my school work on campus

Then I saw my friends at the stairs

I ran to say, "Hello!"

Then I saw a girl who looked familiar

It was her.

The girl that was two hours away

She was sitting alone doing class work

I stared at her but didn't realize I stared a bit too long

She finally stared back and she smiled

Wow, her smile is even more incredible in person

I met up with her and we had a cup of coffee

Sure, it was my second cup but I don't mind

She's the one who's by my side

I couldn't think of a reply

But I savored every minute

Didn't question why she was here.

She just was.

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To The College Baes, Because I Will Never Have The Nerve To Talk To You

First things first, you're hot. Like, really hot.

First things first, you're hot. Like, really hot.

Do you know you're that attractive?

And because you're that attractive, we can't help but stare. Sorry, not sorry. On behalf of girls everywhere, thank you for gracing us with your presence. Of course, I'll never actually tell you that.

Thank you for gracing us with those muscles in the gym, and those smiles in passing on the way to class.

Ugh, our hearts can't handle it.

Because most of you play sports and we see you after you get out of practice every night, let me be the first to say that we all have taken a sudden interest in the sports you play. (And in you, but that's not the point.)

I can only hope that you guys are secretly super book smart with amazing senses of humor, just so I can justify how much I gawk at you. I refuse to be the girl that is attracted to a guy solely based on the fact that he looks hot when his hair is disheveled and his sweatpants are hanging just right.

Hang on, let me pick my jaw up off the floor because of that image.

Bless you, boys.

I can only hope that I have some freak accident happen that forces me to speak to you, like getting trapped in an elevator, or getting caught in the stairwell (again).

Let me say, though, that I don't just like you because I think you're hot. I like you because of the image I have painted in my head of you being the kind of boys who adore your momma, love dogs, and want to spend your Saturdays driving around listening to music.

What are the chances that I'm right? Hot, funny, smart, and respectful? Could we be so lucky?

Like I said, I will never tell you any of this.

Thank you for gracing us with your hotness in the various ways that you do.

We are truly blessed.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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