To The Girl With A Strong Personality

To The Girl With A Strong Personality

Why is a confident woman so intimidating?

Recently, I was talking with one of my new college friends. We were gossiping, talking about high school and reminiscing. We were talking about becoming more independent, then she brought up that sometimes when girls become more confident, promote self-love or make a stand to happily embrace the life of being a single and independent woman, people get a little weird about the whole thing. Let me explain: when a gal claims her independence (which everyone obviously has the right to do) or wants to take time for herself, people start to get offended and insecure. I’m into the phrase “you do you.” I think if a girl wants to be a nontraditional mom, a stay at home mom or not a mom at all, that is totally fine. Sometimes I say things like “I don’t want kids” or “I don’t want to plan my life out” AKA maybe I don’t want to get married right away. People think I’m confused or some type of weirdo because I may not know what I want. I thought we were past the whole “your only purpose as a woman is to have children” thing.

All things considered, I want to know why the heck people are still writing about women being too intimidating for men in relationships and bulls*it like that. Why is it that women should have to make sure they’re not being too confrontational or assertive? I want to be more assertive, honestly, but please don’t drop the “that’s intimidating” sh*t.

In relationships, I want to be up-front and real about everything. I’m not going to go through an entire relationship sugar coating everything. I want you to be straight up with me, and I’ll be straight up with you. No one wants to be called out on their sh*t, but at times it can be refreshing to hear some honesty. I want to do my own thing and “do me” for awhile, and I think that is completely fine. Also, it’s totally cool if you want a serious relationship. If you’re a bada** woman and you’re happy just living and trying to figure life out on your own for a while, just do you. Strengths aren’t scary, decisiveness is great, and it is totally okay to want to be alone for awhile.

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8 Solid Date Ideas For Couples Who Drink Beer

Don't go on another boring date. Throw axes, launch golf balls. Be the fun couple.


Fact: there are two types of people in this world.

  1. People who say, "dating is hard these days."
  2. People who plan dates around boozing.

If you've ever been on a bad date, specifically if you are a beer drinker, I'm going to assume you didn't put much effort into planning the date, let alone the beer you planned on drinking. Yes, everyone has their own expectations when it comes to date activities.

But rather than focus on differences, why not plan your date around something you have in common: a love for good beer?

Don't have any ideas? We got your back. Whether you've been dating for two weeks or nearly two years, here's a list of unique date ideas that include everyone's favorite third wheel, booze.

1. Blind Beer Tasting

Sometimes the perfect date night could very well be from the comfort of home. Movies and pizza are usually what's up for a low-key night, but have you ever considered something as underrated as blind beer tasting? It's a fun way to do something different with your partner, getting your taste buds boppin', experimenting with new drinks. Make the night super official with some beer tasting score cards so you know what to get for next time, or what to never, ever get again for the remainder of your existence.

2. Top Golf

A little competition never hurt anybody, right? It doesn't matter if you're the next Tiger Woods or don't have a single athletic bone in your body, Top Golf is a guaranteed good time. There's literally zero pressure because all you have to do is wave around a golf club trying not to look stupid. Share some laughs, get some embarrassing pictures or videos, munch on some apps, and sip (or pound down) some tasty brews.

3. Axe Throwing

Unless you live under a rock, you'll know that axe throwing is booming and locations are opening up almost everywhere. The Canadian backyard pastime might seem a little odd, but it's AXE-tually a lot of fun. You can bring your own food and who doesn't like food? Alcohol IS permitted at specific locations, so call ahead! Just remember to throw responsibly, because if you aren't married yet you can't collect that insurance premium.

4. College Football Saturdays and Football Sundays

For most guys (and some gals) this is the best time of the year. Weekends in the fall are completely devoted to football. Even if you're not the biggest football fan, you can still have a blast taking part in the social aspect while being a spectator. Some bars are team-themed, so make sure to look up some places and get there early. FYI: this works for almost all sporting and pay-per-view events. Including, but not limited to; the Olympics, boxing, American Ninja Warrior, etc…

5. Check out a local brewery

Craft breweries are perfect date spots. Fun but low-key (read as: you can still have a conversation). And they're full of great beer. If you're ever on the East Coast, you have to hit up Victory Brewing Company's Taprooms & Breweries located in Chester County, PA. One of the perks of craft breweries as a date spot is the local culture and small-town vibes we all love to love. I recommend Victory because they have all that plus one of the strongest beer line-ups in the country, including tastings for new experimental beers. If you can make a day of it, I suggest you do. They have trivia during the week, live local bands, and the food is awesome. Get a pretzel and beer cheese. It's wicked good.

6. Booze Cruise

A different, cool way to party. Whether it's just you two or you're with a group of other couples, booze cruises are a more sophisticated way to indulge. I mean, let's face it, we're all high-key trying to hold onto the savage tolerances we used to have in college and it's nights like this, where we try (really, really hard) reliving it. The city skylines and marina views alone are simply breathtaking. All you need to do is show some ID, pay admission, and pray the rest of the night calls for smooth sailing.

7. Pick a theme and plan your own Bar (beer) Crawl

Going on adventures with your other half is proven to bring you closer together. Pick a theme with your significant other, and plan a beer crawl using Google Maps. Try picking new bars you haven't been to before! At the end of your crawl, hit up your favorite bar or better yet, the first bar you guys met or went to as a couple.

8. Wedding Crashing... IRL

I know this sounds a little far-fetched, but if it's done right this could lead to the most epic of nights. You know when people bring dates who the bride and groom have never even met? Or heard a member of the wedding party be like, "Yea, I don't even know half of these people"? UM, hello! You could be "these people!" Almost all weddings are destined to have good booze, and, unless the father of the bride is a legit serial killer, it's probably an open bar.

The most important part of any date is planning to share good beer, but don't sleep on picking a good partner. Find someone who compliments you the way Victory's Golden and Sour Monkeys compliment each other. These beers are distinctly different but make the perfect duo. Check out their beer finder to see where you can snag some brewskis with your booski. Cheers!

Photo by Elevate on Unsplash

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5 Helpful Suggestions For Military Couples

A few relationship tips for military and veteran couples.


A military couple is a couple that consistsof at least one person in the military, or formally in the military. Due to the nature of their service and sacrifice, many military couples have to endure many strains, challenges, and uncomfortableness throughout their relationship. Since Veteran's Day just recently passed, it may be insightful to consider these few helpful suggestions for those involved in this kind of relationship.These suggestions should be considered by many military couples, for the state of your relationships are just as important as any other couple's.

1. Open Book From The Start

It is important to layout things about each other from the start. Sometimes deployment can be unexpected for those in active duty, so opening yourselves up to each other early may provide a trust factor for the relationship, which is necessary if distance comes into play frequently. Also, setting your goals and intentions early are important too. Letting each other know where you would like the relationship to go is warranted, because time can be fickle. For those doing multiple tours, it may be difficult to have any time to really get to know someone, so when you do have time, you may need to capitalize on it.

2. Planning Ahead

As a couple, it is imperative to plan ahead. Each of you would need to take advantage of brief breaks and periods between tours. It is not wise to wait until the last minute, because things may be difficult to plan quality time when under pressure. Also, phone calls and video chats may only be allowed to happen at selective times, so having a schedule will allow you both to have valued conversations.

3. Spending Strategically

Though most active members receive compensation for their continued service, it is not unheard of to have payment delays or changes in payments, so money must be used in way that is durable and often beneficial for the both of you. Everyone does some frivolous spending now and then, but irregularity in income, could be a lot to manage for a couple. For example, those who are no longer in active duty, sometimes have financial issues. Veteran support can be wavering depending on where you live, so there needs to be some sort of financial contingency plan for the both of you.

4. Family & Support System

Raising a family can be difficult, because the family dynamic may change from single parenting to co-parenting inconsistently. It is vital for couples to be in accord in how they raise their families, so that the parenting style does not shift too much. Also, there may be periods when you feel lonely or worried, so leaning on your family and friends for support can ease any sense of loneliness or worry. For the ones who are deployed, relying on your fellow soldiers interpersonally can help too.

5. Ask For Help

Many active soldiers and veterans deal with physical and/or mental disorders, which can affect the non-service partner too by default and association. It is not uncommon for veterans to have a hard time discussing any difficulties they may have, have had, or seen. Asking for help is probably one of the most important things for a military couple to do. And the Veteran's Affairs (VA) hospitals are a huge resource for couples to utilize. Some people are unaware that the VA not only helps the individual who served the country, but the family of the individual who served the country.

These suggestions should be considered by many military couples, for the state of your relationships are just as important as any other couple's.

Thank you for your service.

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