To The Girl Who's Running On Empty
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To The Girl Who's Running On Empty

To the girl who's constantly running and never stops.

To The Girl Who's Running On Empty
Chobir Dokan

Dear Restless,

You're tired.

I know you are, because I see it.

You feel like you're just going through the motions and have nothing left to give fully at. You feel like you're constantly on the go, because let's face it, you are, and you never get to catch a break. You get up early and go to bed late, you're running on empty.

I know you're not only physically exhausted but mentally as well. You put others, and before you know it, your needs are at the bottom of your endless to-do list. You've gotten to the point where you lose your train of thought and have trouble searching for the right words to speak.

You've gotten to this point before, and you always ask yourself why. You wonder why do you always do this to yourself, and how come no one else feels this way? Well, Restless, you're not alone.

Thousands stand behind you with tired eyes and tired minds.

You need to know you deserve to rest, but you just don't deserve it, you need it. The effort that you put out is good enough, and you deserve to cut yourself some slack every once in a while. Don't worry about falling behind, because with you, that's impossible. I'm not telling you to completely check out, but don't beat yourself up to the point of exhaustion. You're human, and you need rest.

I'm proud of you, Restless, for pushing yourself, pushing yourself is how you grow. You are growing into such a beautiful and great woman and people notice, I promise. Please go take that well-deserved break, and take care of yourself. You only have one life, so enjoy it.


A Girl In Your Shoes

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