To the girl who is a perfectionist,

Stop defining yourself by your ability to control your environment and current situation. Stop trying to strive for perfection where it can never be reached.

Many people dream of it and some people even appear to be it, but the reality is that the idea of perfection is an allusion which can never be grasped. Life is too messy and complicated to strive for perfection. In our humanity, we may be able to imagine what true perfection is like but we will never be able to achieve it. Finally realizing this frees us from straining and wasting our lives for a mirage of flawlessness. Instead, we should embrace our imperfections.

Bad hair day? No problem, the girl beside you had three this week. Forgot about that assignment? That's ok, you get a drop grade. Gained some weight from the holiday goodies? You are still the perfectly beautiful self you were before. Didn't get the job that you wanted? Thankfully, your identity isn't defined by how "put together" your life is. You define who you are not your circumstances or your ability to achieve what society defines as perfection.

Instead of wearing yourself thin trying to satisfy an unrealistic definition of an unrealistic word, seek the One who is perfect. Jesus has already reached perfection so we are free to embrace our flaws. Stop letting your "OCD" or desire to please everyone drive you. Simply let Jesus love you for your imperfect self.