To the Girl Who Feels The World Is Against Her

Hey there, it's been a pretty crappy day hasn't it? If it was something big or small that happened, you obviously feel like the world is just against. How can it not feel like it!? That guy called you a slut, that girl you call your friend ignored you at lunch, your parents yelled at you for something your sister did, it's been one heck of a day.

Okay, stop. Stop stressing. Stop assuming. Just stop.

Take a deep breath. Tell yourself it`ll be okay because, in fact, it will. This time will pass, it can't rain forever, and nor will it.

All that pain and loneliness you feel right now will pass! Even if it's depression, the urge to cut or maybe even kill yourself, it'll pass. I have no doubts that you're not in pain right now, I know your pain. It's been a crappy day, a crappy week, a crappy few months, or maybe even a crappy few years.

My advice to you is to just, sleep. Take a personal day off work, maybe skip that class for your personal health and just, go to sleep.

Often times, I have discovered that when you're feeling overwhelmed it's easier to take a step back, and it's best to do that by sleeping. Sleeping is an amazing way to temporarily escape your problems. Sometimes It's best to get away from the stress and revisit it when you're refreshed.

I promise you, it will get better! You cannot have a human life without suffering. You never know what tomorrow will bring. For those of you who suffer from depression, I am deeply sorry. I know it's painful and it doesn't seem like things will get better, but they will. Please don't kill yourself just because of one bad day.

I understand, however, it's not just one bad day, it's lots of them, and even then, it's more than that. Take it from someone who has been through the whole 9 yards and even lost a friend from suicide, it does get better! If you kill yourself you affect more people than you could ever know, I promise.

Think of life like a lake. Each drop is everyone in your life that is affected by you, or even know you or know of you. If you take your life, it's like throwing a huge rock into that lake.

The bigger ripples are your family and friends, as they are the most affected. The smaller ripples are everyone else if they knew you or not. Everyone is affected, more than you can possibly imagine.

For example, I had a friend kill himself via overdose, I was devastated and became depressed when I found out. I literally cried my eyes out for hours because he was no longer alive on this earth.

When anything suicide-related comes up, my stomach immediately feels sick and I tend to fight off tears, it changed me. I was talking to a good guy friend of mine telling him how I was having a hard time dealing with it. He once told me that he, not even knowing Blake, had to talk to someone about it because he was affected by it.

You are not alone, you will never be alone. I promise. This pain you feel now, it'll transform you. It can make you change yourself, for the better, if you let it. However, don't let the pain take control. Find an outlet. For me, writing is an outlet, for NF (Christian rapper) it's his music, for some it`s running. Just please find a healthy outlet or distraction.

God has more planned for you than this. This could be a blessing in disguise! Pain makes you strong. I promise it will and does get better.

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