To Those Who Are Bullied And Underestimated, Know This: You Will Be Fine
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To Those Who Are Bullied And Underestimated, Know This: You Will Be Fine

You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw rocks at every dog that barks.

To Those Who Are Bullied And Underestimated, Know This: You Will Be Fine

I was once called a slut and was the victim of cyberbullying back in high school, but I will show you how happy and pleased I am now with myself and my life.

Firstly, to the high school boys and girls who almost killed me inside, if by any chance you are reading this article, I hope that you guys are still doing well, and of course, I know that it is difficult for you guys to forget me. Thanks for being fake friends, so that I know how strong I can be, how far have I grown, and how wonderful I am right now. We used to be perfect together, at least, for a short time, and it seemed to be the best time ever in our life. Guess what? Boom! A fight came from a ridiculous reason that I don't even clearly remember now. But as we were young, selfish, and childish, that became the worst nightmare ever. All I know is that I was depressed, sensitive, and upset that I decided to block everyone that hurt me out of my life. Since then, I trusted no one, and as time went on, the sad memories faded away, I chose to study abroad, and I suddenly realize that I have grown up, confidently and happily.

Secondly, to those people who are struggled with bullying and being underestimated, don't stop believing in yourself!

You all know that life is not fair, and people can hate you for many unreasonable and ridiculous reasons. You are prettier than them? They think it because you overuse make-up. You are friendlier and you have good friends? They think you are fake. Believe me, especially if you are a girl, you know exactly how mean girls can be. And sexism, it is horrible. If you are a girl and you have many guy best friends, people consider you no less than a slut. Unfairly, if a boy has many girl best friends, he will be admired for being so gentle, unique, handsome, and talented.

But hey! Just consider this as a challenge for you to get through, and I promise you that everything will be fine. I understand that sometimes, being bullied and when people look down on you, it could be the worst thing. You cannot share with anyone, or you don't know how to start sharing. It seems like the end of the world, everyone is untrustworthy, even your family.

"You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw rocks at every dog that barks." — Winston Churchill

If you find those bullying things influence your life, then take action to protect yourself. Work with parents and the school on these issues. Believe me, even if you think that family won't help, however, they are the one who does care and care so much about you. Or, work with authorities to prohibit and deal with bullying. In order to do the above, you must have proof. Chats, Facebook screenshots, or audio recordings. Being an adult, apart from being selfless, ignoring unworthy concerns, you must know how to stand up and protect yourself.

In our lives, we will meet many types of people, and the most common type is the type of person who wants to pull us down with them. This type of person is most afraid of those who are successful, beautiful, and happy. In response to this kind, we need to be shimmering, brilliant, and better than them.

My old classmates used to put bad words on my image for over a year. All the bad rumors, all the hatred almost put me down. And how did I respond to those rumors? At first, I was upset and I ignored it because I thought it was not worth it. But when they still did not stop, I would face it once in a lifetime, so I wouldn't have to see those dirty people anymore. Ignoring always a good thing to face with those fake people. I tried to cultivate my life happier and decided to study abroad. I grow up, know how to take care of myself and become prettier and better, I meet new friends from all over the world, even best friends, and have the best experiences. I left behind all the trash that might stop me from developing.

Don't feel afraid when you do the right thing, especially if that is relevant to yourself. Be brave to stop a relationship if you feel suffocated, it might be sad, but there should be no reason for you to keep it if it is no longer helpful.

Life is long, be brave to face it!

Thanks to those fake people you might meet in your life, you will realize how strong you are, how far have you grown up, and in the end, you will see that there is nothing worth worrying about them. They are an essential part of our life!

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