To The Boy I Think I Am Falling In Love With

To The Boy I Think I Am Falling In Love With

Whether it's sooner or later, I am going to mean it

I was so used to living in the single life.

Watching everyone go on dates, posting about their boy on Instagram or really any kind of social media, and just the constant smile that was on their face. I used to ask myself why that wasn't me that could be smiling up at someone I liked. I then went through that stage long enough that I always thought I was going to live in the single realm.

I was starting to not mind being where I was, I was happy to just be loving myself.

But then someone came. I was unsure at first because the other times I had had boys break my heart because they were completely clueless about what truly being with someone meant. It wasn't about running around to all of their friends, telling them that they were no longer single.

It wasn't about rushing things along to make our relationship make what other people had. And it wasn't about taking advantage of someone else, mentally or physically. I had almost lost the hope of finding the guy that wasn't there for all of those things. He was there for me, there for my well being and seeing past all of the superficial things that could get in the way in an unhealthy relationship.

I had this friend that would always tell me that the right one would keep knocking on the door that I had so tightly shut. Opening that door meant opening myself up to another guy and all of the things that could keep you up at night if someone tried to destroy. It was a terrifying thought to let someone back in because I wasn't about the repeat history again.

But you came along. You kept knocking on my door without me even knowing it. We became best friends first, by telling each other everything and getting advice from one another. It wasn't until one day that we both woke up day and realized what everything had turned into.

It that was the first, real relationship that I felt so comfortable in my own skin. It was easy to trust you with all those things that I had locked away behind that door that I thought I wouldn't open for a very long time.

I thank my lucky stars each day that you were always there knocking on my door. I have never been in love with someone before, so I don't really know what this feeling is. I have always heard about it in movies and heard other people talking about it. But experiencing it is a whole new ballgame. And though I haven't officially said this to you yet, I think I will be able to here in the future.

I have said it before to guys in the past but I was just saying it, they were just empty words. But I know this time, whenever that time may be, it's going to be the real thing.

Cover Image Credit: Evan Kirby

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7 Lies From F*ckboys That We've All Fallen For At Least Once

They might've had you goin' for a hot second, but you know better now.

There’s no use in even frontin’; we’ve all been there. You know he’s a f*ckboy from the beginning, but you’re interested in pursuing him anyway. Ain't no thang; I fully support you.

You tell yourself you won’t fall for his games or lies because you’ve been through it all so many times before. Yet, time and time again, you find yourself slippin’ for a hot second, wanting to give him the benefit of the doubt until he inevitably disappoints you. Here are the top seven lies you’ve heard from f*ckboys that get you heated every time.

1. You’re the only girl I’m talking to/sleeping with

HAHAHA. OK, first, I don't actually care what (or who) you're doing in your spare time because you're definitely not the only guy I'm seeing either. I'm just asking so I know you're clean, OK? I don't need more stress in my life.

2. I know how to treat girls right

Isn't it super ironic how the WORST f*ckboys are the ones to toss this line?

3. I’ll text you

This statement is so unbelievable that on the off chance that they do actually text you, you basically fall out of your chair in shock.

4. I’m gonna give it to you good

I cry/cringe/die of laughter every time I hear this one because it's always the mediocre ones that throw this line. None of my most memorable hookups have ever said this because their actions clearly speak for them. Mediocre boys, TAKE NOTE.

5. Damn, I wanted to see you though

Well, you were supposed to, but then you clearly had other plans in mind. So the desire wasn’t all that intense, obviously.

6. Yeah, she and I broke up

CLASSIC LIE. CLASSIC. Sure, I believed it the first couple of times, but don’t even try that sh*t with me after I see she’s still blowin’ up your line.

7. *No response for hours after making plans* Damn, sorry I fell asleep

Honestly, how many times are you gonna throw that line when you’re literally viewable on Snap Map. BOY, I see you at someone else’s house. Stop frontin’, there’s no point.

Again, don't ask me why we put up with this sh*t because the mystery remains. I guess in our own sick, twisted ways, we crave the dramatics and thrills that come from their f*ckery. Whatever the reason, though, at least we've got some ~fun~ stories to tell.

Cover Image Credit: YouTube | I'm Shmacked

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“All-inclusive” Sports Do More Harm Than Good

The real world requires skill sets and diligence, not a degree in complaining about “fairness.”

Our school years have an enormous impact on the way we grow as we get older. Who we turn out to be depends greatly (although not entirely) on how we are brought up and what we experience between the ages of 4 and 18. Without realizing it everything we face affects our futures; getting us ready to thrive on our own. One of the most significant things we experience growing is the possibility of failure and the need to improve. High school sports and interactive clubs are coincidentally the primary source of experience for this necessary life lesson.

High school extracurriculars such as clubs and club sports are all-inclusive, a way to enjoy a hobby without being “cut” and to experience and delve into different ideas. Clubs are important in that they help shape our values and thought processes without the “tough love” aspect but instead as an equal group of members.

High school sports and teams are not the same thing nor should they be. Most high school sports involve tryouts and result in some participants to get cut from consideration, or in some cases are placed between “A” and “B” teams based on talent and ability. High school sports in this way teach us the necessity to improve and the need to exceed, traits imperative to success in careers in the real world. Sports that have room for a certain number of teammates cause players and athletes to have to show their worth, prove their strength and exercise dedication. Not taking a team sport seriously and lacking to show any steadfast traits ultimately results in failure to make the team. This should show athletes that wanting something does not get you anywhere, rather working for it and putting the effort in is what will get you there. The failure to make a team and the threat of less playing time as a consequence for deficient effort makes a determined individual work harder and focus on improving the skills necessary to succeed.

The real world requires effort and determination. To succeed and excel in careers you need to work hard, prove your worth and exemplify strength and diligence in your field. You will not get anywhere without hard work and constantly improving your skills and abilities. Success in reality is like success on a team sport: if you show little desire and hardly any rigor you will not get anywhere nor will you climb further in success in your career. Knowing how to fix what you do wrong or are not excellent in, not whining and complaining about the basis for success “not being fair” is how you will get places in life, whether in sports or in careers.

High school teams becoming “all-inclusive” is more harmful than it is good to society. To eliminate the expectations of a team sport, to not require hard work and effort and a skill set is to teach teens laziness and to expect what you want instead of working for it. Giving in to every single participant does not reflect the necessary prerequisites for success in the workforce. High school sports have more importance to our development than just exercise and athleticism. Allowing every participant to be on a team or get a trophy fails to mold students into successful, driven adults. If you do not want to face being cut from a team or not playing as much, join a club sport instead of a team sport.

The real world requires improvement for us to be successful. Participation trophies and “all-inclusive” sports teams teach us otherwise.

Cover Image Credit: LexiHanna

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