To The Best English Class I Have Taken So Far

As a freshman, two semesters into my college life, there is much that I have experienced already. Be it figuring out which place would be the best to go on a midnight expedition with my friends or how to sleep in a 19-person class without getting caught.

As every student at NC State is required to take ENG 101 their freshman year, being an English major, I am required to take a number of English classes -- mainly pertaining to creative writing or writing in general.

This semester, I am enrolled in a fiction writing workshop class (ENG 288), and I am not even kidding when I say this -- it is probably going to be one of the best and most memorable classes I' I've ever taken.

Ignoring the fact that it is at 8:30 a.m. every Monday and Wednesday, the class in itself is a great experience for me.

Be it a reference to "Star Wars," or a constant comparison to "Harry Potter," there is nothing I can complain about.

The most exciting day so far was the class when we got to watch Netflix for two straight classes. No, the cool part was not when we watched Netflix -- it was when we got an opportunity to watch and analyze the "Truman Show" for a better understanding of character development.

As exciting as it was to watch, it also taught me that nothing about life is certain.

We could hit the horizon tomorrow and realize that we have been trapped in a world where everything you know is a lie and everyone you know since the time you were born has been lying to you and deceiving you.

Apart from the constant fangirling moments, this class has never failed to surprise me.

There have been days when I have had to drag myself out of bed to go to class, but the minute I am there, I am a completely different person.

I am a person engaged in the discussion, making connections with people and enjoying myself.

This class also taught me that sometimes it is necessary to modify the way you write. You need not always write about what you know. Think outside the box, and write about the unknown. Be as creative as you can and as engaging as you can with your audience.

It taught me to color outside the lines and not be afraid of it.

At the end, all I can say is that, while I may only be two semesters in, this is going to be one of my favorite and most memorable classes because it has given me memories that I cherish, good friends, and a deeper understanding of writing.

There is nothing more I could ask from a class.

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