4 years ago I committed to Villanova. 4 years ago I joined a facebook page filled with naive soon-to-be freshman saying that they loved to go out but also loved to stay in and were super excited to rush. 4 years ago I messaged a girl from upstate New York that seemed normal enough. 4 years later, we are about to move in together for the last time (for now).

We went from a tiny shoebox dorm (stanny 515 will literally always be my home), to a slightly bigger shoebox dorm with a hell of a view, to an apartment (filled with more roommates and space for activities, namely cartwheels), and finally to our last home together as Villanova undergraduate students. I can't wait to see what dumb stuff we manage to get up to within the parameter of our lease. Hopefully, we get that kiddie pool and make at least one marg a day this summer.

Katie Coviello

Before we unpack our boxes in the sweltering summer heat one last time, I just wanted to say a quick thank you, because I'm sure living with me isn't always easy. So thanks for accepting me in all of my moods (you know the ones), thanks for going along with it when I started trying to stick starbursts to the ceiling freshman year and for listening to all of my stories about the #questionable men in my life. Thanks for all the spit stir fry dinners and stealing me pieces of cake from the dining hall. Thanks for sending me to the health center when I really needed it and for keeping me home when I was just being dramatic.

Katie Coviello

Thanks for living life to the fullest in the quad with me (chain me to the quad), quad stalking always, and ding dong ditching occasionally. Thanks for the outfit advice (and let's be honest, the clothes sharing). Thanks for making me study when I reallllllly don't want to and thanks for making me go out when I reallllly should. Thank you for supporting me in both my successes and my losses. Thanks for the late night sleepovers (lights. off.), the bedtime stories, letting me brush my teeth first, and never minding when my side of the room gets messy. Speaking of, thanks for quick cleaning seshes, always swiffering, and lying on the floor with me when it all just seems like too much.

Thanks for literally getting through this year with me, it's been a tough one for us both (too. many. tears.). Thanks for trusting me to not burn down the kitchen. Thanks for not yelling at me too many times for online shopping. Thanks for understanding as I learned to share my time between you and DB, I know I'm not always good but you always are my number one pal. Thanks for just letting me make my pop culture references and for going along with my music choices. Thanks for blaring Lizzo with me and dancing around with a glass of wine. Those are the moments I'll miss most.

I can't wait to do it all over with you one last time, though I swear to God if senior year goes by half as fast as junior year did, I'll literally SOB. Here's to more wine nights, cartwheels, dumb stories, feet behind our heads, and sleepovers for 365 more days. Really not ready to live further than 5 feet apart from you.