To People Who Give Out Too Many Second Chances

There are just some people who deserve so much in life. While there are others that randomly get so much when they aren’t the greatest person on the face of the Earth. The rest of the world, they just don’t see anything good or bad about themselves. What I’m speaking of are those who never got any type of second chance.

For the good that never got their second chance, I feel your pain in most cases. Sometimes we are too good and don’t realize we’ve made a mistake. We aren’t told right away, we should figure out ourselves on where we went wrong with certain people. Begging for answers is all we can do just so we know where we went wrong. Apologizing some odd number of times is all we do until they decide to forgive us. However, they never do and get rid of us completely and we always wonder why.

Those who are not the kindest people in the world, why are you even trying? Do you not know how much damage you caused some people? Whether it was so bad you had to be punished in every way possible or it wasn’t to that degree you still did a terrible thing. You believe you’ve learned from your mistakes and you won’t do it again, but at this point you really shouldn’t expect any more chances for yourselves. People won’t ever get the bad in you out of their head, it’s all they will ever see out of you.

For the people who just find themselves average, it’s because we don’t know if you’re even trying. Sometimes we believe you are while other times you look like you don’t know what you are doing and what you are capable of to get that chance. If you don’t, then bye bye second chance.

Second chances are very difficult to receive. You never know if you’re going to get one at any point in your life. If you do, then congratulations, you’re surviving life and just remember to hold on to that chance. If not, then you are probably shot out of luck and you will never get any type of chance again.

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