6 Reasons Why You Need A Spontaneous Friend

6 Reasons Why You Need A Spontaneous Friend

Don't settle for a friend who blocks you into their schedule 4 months beforehand, look for 3 am waffle house peeps.

Madisyn Jones

Imagine this. You are gracefully lying in bed with no intention of doing anything for the rest of the evening. As you scroll aimlessly through Instagram, your phone buzzes. It keeps buzzing of course because it is your best friend, down to take the next adventure. Hopefully, we all have at least one spontaneous friend in our life. From experience, these friends make life one hundred percent better all the way from giving you something to do in your free time to adding a little surprise into your life.

1. They Give You A Reason To Get Out Of Bed

Too many times I find myself spending way too many hours laying in bed doing nothing (unless you consider scrolling through the TikTok for you page something.)

I tend to waste my days because I never have a good enough reason to get up and do something productive. That really all changed when my friend would text me without warning, informing me she would pick me up in 30 minutes to do whatever we could think of. This was just what I needed to get my butt out of bed.

Friends who are spontaneous give you those reasons, or in some cases opportunities, to jump up and hit the road. Don't be afraid to go straight from your bed to hitting the town with friends. The best memories are when you are looking at your worst.

2. Your Plans Never Work Out Anyways

I am going to be real honest with you. Anytime I actually made plans with my friends, they did not happen at all or how they were planned. It sucked a lot to finally get to the time of the plans, only to be disappointed because they were not happening anymore.

I almost got to the point I stopped making these long drawn out plans with people because I would rather avoid the disappointment. When there are no plans sat in place, there is no room for them to not work out at all. All in all, this means less disappointment and more surprises in your future.

3. Your Snapchat Story Will Be Fire

Okay, this may be a slight exaggeration, your snapchat story has potential to be fire. Whenever I am hanging out with my friends I tend to capture every moment I can. Why not post all the insane moments I have with my friends?

I definitely spam my story when I am on the little escapades. Your impromptu friends give you everything you need to create a stellar story. Share the moments you are having fun in and create memories you can go back and watch years from now.

4. There Will Never Be Any Expectations

When you have plans to hang out with someone, you often have exact expectations of how it is all supposed to go down. You get this idea in your head, and more times than not, your plans never live up to those huge expectations you had. Just like how plans never seem to work out, nothing is as it seems.

A dinner date with your friends is going to be boring unless it is not planned, at 11 pm, and in the next town over. Stop hanging out with friends who disappoint you with boring dinner dates planned 3 weeks in advance.

5. You Will Most Likely Get Free Food

I am a college student, which means I am in fact broke. I often use that as an excuse when people ask to make plans. But when you find a real friend who wants to pay for your McDouble with Big Mac sauce, then that is all you need in life.

Every single time I hang out with people I end up getting some free food and whats not to love about that? Go out there and find some friends who cherish you enough to spare a $1.39.

6. You Gain Memories That Will Last A Lifetime

I cannot begin to describe the memories I think about all the time that spawned from a random adventure with my friends. It might have happened four years ago, but I still think about it to this day.

Surround yourself with people who will create these memories with you. People who are spontaneous don't care what the end results look like.

They help create memories that are in the now no matter what plans they might have had. Get those friends and start creating a lifetime of memories.

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