College is an experience in and of itself, but being away for college is an indescribable experience.

You have to learn to live for yourself; not to just survive, but also to thrive. All while not having your parents to always fall back on. For some people, this becomes a problem. As for others, this is the start of an unforgettable era.

You know you chose the right college when you go home for the summer and then the entire time you are counting down the days until you can return.

There is just something so amazing about being able to live on your own. To top that off, getting to live with your friends makes it that much more the worthwhile.

To My Roommates,

I have so much I owe to you all from the bottom of my heart. You all were always by my side while we were laughing so hard that we could not breathe and more importantly my shoulders to cry on when I felt like my world was crashing down on me.

Thank you for all you have done-- dealing with me at my worst, always adventuring, acting like 5-year-olds in public places, constant laughter, singing/dancing terribly, and being some of the greatest friends I could ask for.

As this next year is approaching I start to think back on how much we have grown, not only as friends but as individuals as well. We started off feeling nervous and alone at new, unknown place. Together to we conquered the world and have become the people who we are today. I could not have done that without you all by my side.

Let me just say it now before the year even starts, I am sorry. I am sorry for all the times I am going to be a pain and you want to kick me out of the room because let’s face it, we know it is bound to happen. I am sorry for either having my room look like a tornado came through or making my room beyond OCD organized-- and nothing in between.

When I think about going to school I do not think about the hours spent sitting in a classroom. I think about the times we helped eachother out with projects. When I think about friendship I do not think about all the people who have left. I think about you guys because you stayed. When I think about all that I have done this past year. I think about how you all were by my side through it all. We lived each day together, literally, and I could not be happier to say that I was able to have you all by my side.

The memories we have already made are just the beginning of all our memories that are to come because I know I have found friends for life within you all.

Now, it is time to show this year what we are made of.

Love Always,

Your Roommate