Dear Long Distance BFFs,

First things first, I miss you guys. It’s pretty weird from going to seeing you everyday or every few days over the summer and then when we all part ways in the fall I don’t get to see you for months. I have some things to thank you guys for (aside from being the best people I know).

Thanks for allowing our group chat to be basically an absolute mess. At this point, it’s really just screenshots, memes, pictures of dogs, and debating possible Instagrams. And that’s okay. I think it’s fine that we’re not having in depth or really meaningful conversations on the daily basis because you guys know that if I had something really important to say, I would just call you.

That being said, thank you for ALWAYS being free for a FaceTime. I can call either of you at 3pm or 3am, it doesn’t matter because your beautiful faces will always be there for me. I can’t even count how many times I’ve drunk FaceTimed you and you’re okay with it. So also thanks for never judging me—or if you do, which I’m sure you do—thanks for still loving me.

Thanks for sharing your families with me. Your mom is her mom is my mom. Her house is my house is your house. You get the picture. We’re so comfortable with each other that our families truly feel like families.

I feel a little bad for how many Snapchats I send you on the regular basis but you are rock stars for not caring or getting annoyed with me when I send you a million in a row. And even though you guys really are the best and super supportive, thank you for giving me a hard time and always being 100% honest with me, even when you know it’s not what I want to hear. A lot of times I’ll ask for your opinion on something and then completely ignore what you say and do whatever I want anyways and even though it seems pointless, thank you for just being there for me.

I know I can count on you guys for anything from doing my eyebrows, driving with me at 12am to McDonalds, and religiously watching The Bachelor, to calling you after a breakup, snuggling in a twin sized bed, or holding hands in Montreal. Thanks for being my best friends for years; even though distance keeps us apart, I know I can always count on you fools to be a part of my life.