Our friendship was like the movies. We've been best friends since literally pre-k. We fell apart for a while but always found ourselves back together in the end.

We went through all of the ugly stages together and have too many pictures to prove it. Everyone knew that we were the duo not to be messed with. When people were added to our group and fallouts would happen, it would always be us in the end.

We've traveled across the globe together and have been to other places around the states. Fact is, Olivia is my best friend and she always will be.

When I got the official news that my family was going to be relocating down south the first thoughts that went through my mind was my best friend.

Knowing she wouldn't be by my side for my first day of school or be there for tailgates and shopping dates made me so upset. She wouldn't be a literal thirty-second drive away from me was something that I couldn't imagine.

It seems dramatic but I honestly didn't know how I was going to function without her. We didn't know any different than being by each-others sides.

Moving away from my best friend was easily the hardest thing about moving. But, reality is when we come back together that makes it even more exciting. When she calls or texts me I get so excited to hear about what she's been up to.

I get more excited for her to come to visit so I can show her the new life that I have created for myself here and how well I am doing. I know that she'll always be there for me to hear all of the latest drama or about the cutest guys on campus. Olivia will always be my best friend, no matter the distance.