To Live Authentically

I have found that there is something so genuine about being true to yourself. It is so comforting to know your values, know yourself to your core, and to cherish yourself. I have learned to wholeheartedly accept myself despite my constant stressing over flaws and insecurities. I do not love every little thing about myself, but I accept these things because accepting it is the first step to self love.

Growing up there were so many things that I despised about myself. It was not until I was about 17 years old, literally about a year ago, that I realized that all of my insecurities were stemming off of comparison. I let comparison steal every ounce of joy that I had instead of trying to recognize the good in me. You can be showered in compliments day in and day out but it all means nothing if you do not believe that you are those things.

I have spent so much of my time working on myself. I have spent days on end trying to change myself to impress others rather than accepting myself as I am and loving that person. Granted, there are things that I can and wish to improve about myself, but no longer find the need to completely alter them. The exact moment I realized the importance of this concept was the exact moment I decided I would live for myself.

Like most people, I have bad days. I have extremely bad days where the mirror is my worst enemy and comparison takes over my mind. It takes time, but a change in perspective on how you view yourself can change everything. Think of yourself from the inside out.

I believe that every person should take the time to recognize what great things you can offer this world. In my short 18 years of life, I have realized that your beauty is measured by what is in your heart and how you affect and care for those around you. There is no amount of makeup or material things that will outweigh your true beauty. Your inner core will radiate beyond anything on the outside.

I used to be unaware of who I truly was or who I wanted to be. As I have grown, I have developed my own sense of security and confidence that I am on my path to being the person that I am proud of.

I am the furthest thing from perfect, quite the opposite actually. I accept myself for who I am and try to no longer focus on the negative. Instead of trying to change myself, I will improve myself. I will always be the shy until comfortable, silly girl with a big and sensitive heart with sass to last a lifetime. I am devoted to living completely authentically.

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