Dear friend,

Walking around campus, looking around at friends chatting about various topics and going to get meals or coffee at the nearest Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, I couldn't help but think about you. I don't know what came across my mind as I was walking to the class, but it brought back memories of our time in elementary school.

Yes, elementary school. Third grade was where we met. You were new to the school as I was only in the school district for at that time all of my life. I honestly don't remember how we met, whether we met the summer you moved here before school began or during the first week of school. What I remember, we were like two peas in a pod. Spending recess together, field trips, and many other events. You were there when I talked about my first ever crush who in our class, and I will mention again why the hell did I ever have a crush on him?

All in all, I'm thankful that you made my third grade experience the way it was. The same can go for the fourth grade, even though we were in different classes by then. We had recess and that made me happy that I could be around you.

But then I got the news that you were moving back to where you lived before. It really hurt my heart because I was losing one of my best friends. So before fifth grade began, you moved and I felt like I lost you.

When the time of social media came around and we got in contact again, I was happy that we were talking after many years. We kept this up for a little bit until we just stopped talking once again. You really didn't cross my mind throughout high school, but then college came along and I found you on Facebook.

Little did we know, we were attending the same college. The only difference was that you commuted and I was living on campus. The day you commented on one of my posts that you attend Bowling Green State University and you left your number, my stomach did a flip and my heart beat raised. I added your number, and I realized I never lost your number because it was the same in my contact. We arranged to meet up, and it felt like my life was whole again. We talked for a bit until I had to go to marching band rehearsal.

After that, we would text here and there. But now, we have lost that contact again. However, I don't know what you are doing now because you aren't on Facebook very often. At first, I was fine. But now, I felt like I lost you again. Like I did back in elementary school.

I hope that your family is doing well. I hope you and your boyfriend of many years are still going strong. I hope that one day, I will muster up the courage to talk to you again.

I hope life is going well,