10 Weird Things You Only Do With Your Best Friend
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10 Things You Know To Be True If You're Half A Whole Idiot With Your Best Friend

Call it whatever you want: best friends, dynamic duo, or two halves of a whole idiot. Either way, you know I am right.

10 Things You Know To Be True If You're Half A Whole Idiot With Your Best Friend
Noah Brown

Everyone has that one person that they go to with everything, and somehow just understands them like no other. You may have found them in high school, in college, or even at work. It does not matter where they came from, what matters is that you two have a bond that absolutely nothing can come between and you can not live without them.

Here are 10 things you know all about if your other half and you are inseparable.

1. No one understands your inside jokes.


For example, this past week, I went camping with my best friends family and her, and the entire time we exchanged those casual stares like in "The Office" when they look at the camera, and we cracked jokes the whole time. All we got was looks from around the table and the rest of the family shaking their heads. The jokes don't even have to make sense either, they might just be funny because its you and your friend.

2. You go everywhere together.

To be fair, I asked where she was AFTER I was "pooin in da upstairs"

Noah Brown

If one person gets up, the other one is close behind. If you can't see each other, you text and ask where they are. Without the other one by your side, you just aren't yourself.

3. Their family is your family.

Pictured far left in the middle row is me, and in front of me is my other half. The rest is her family. WACK.

Noah Brown

If it comes to vacations, or trips to the camper, you can definitely count on your friend or their mom asking if you are coming. At this point, you probably call them Ma yourself and they have made you an honorary member, inviting you to holidays after holidays and Friday nights at Grandmas.

4. Long distance is hard.

Facetimes range from four minutes to almost an hour.

Noah Brown

Recently I decided to stay in my best friend's and my college town for the summer, so I am about 180 miles away. Obviously, we're used to being able to just pick the other one up for milkshakes, or grabbing a quick bite to eat before work, but now that is hard to do. Visits are scheduled and Facetimes are abundant in nature, so somehow you learn to make it work, but that does not change the distance thing.

5. You know each others playlists like your own.


Obviously, you can't have the same opinions on everything, but you definitely know what you can expect to listen to depending on who has control of the Aux, and you just learn to love it.

6. You compare notes with EVERYTHING.

Featured below the review is an inside joke.

Noah Brown

Does not matter what it is, you are going to ask for each other's thoughts. Whether you are talking about Big Brother, the new Panic! At the Disco album, the picture you might upload, or the people you matched with on Tinder, you have to know the other person's opinion.

7. Your DMs on Twitter are filled with memes and tweets that fit with your inside jokes.

Follow us on Twitter, @_NowahBrown & @KayRob33

Noah Brown

Honestly at this point I am offended if I scroll past something that I know my best friend saw and they did not send it to me.

8. Even if you don't do everything together, you support them in all they do.

8.5. You probably don't photograph well together either.

Noah Brown

Two years ago my best friend and I did Dance Marathon together and it was the hardest 24 hours of our lives. The next year I was a morale captain, and my friend did not participate; however, she did bring me snacks and food throughout the event and took stellar pictures of me on stage.

9. You have memories to last forever, and make more everytime you hang out.


Noah Brown

There is literally nothing I love more than hearing that phrase "remember that time..." followed by a hilarious story, that is if it even makes it out before laughing. Kaylee, if you are reading this, remember that time we were on that golf cart and we ran over that mattress?

10. They listen to everything, and so do you.


It doesn't matter if you know who or what they are talking about, but you are going to listen to their rant anyways. Sometimes it is a call right after work to talk about what happened, or sometimes it's over a meal when you remember what happened a few days ago. Regardless of what it is, you listen and do not interrupt.

It doesn't matter if you have been friends for five years or for five weeks, for some reason you both just click and you understand what the other needs. You make a great pair and other people either love you or hate you for it, but as long as you are together you know it will be a good time.

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