To my friends in it for the long run,

Time sure does fly when you're having fun, doesn't it? Life goes so quick that it never lets you press pause and that can be scary. But, one thing is does give you are friends that can be your rock and really are your family. So, here's to you my friends. Thank you, for everything.

Yeah, it really has been over 10 years since we all formed this deep connection that would span for so long. I remember like it was yesterday being in 7th grade just laughing and having middle school drama. The drama was not fun, but being with all of you has been. Going to birthday parties, halloween, Christmas, and other holidays we have spent together over the years. I wouldn't trade those memories for anything.

Remember sitting at lunch together and thinking that we will never grow up? I don't think we have and I know you guys won't and that's ok. Please never change who you are, because nothing is worse than drifting into something you aren't and I will remind you of that.

There were some bad time, but I try not to think about those. The times when we cried together, weren't really on speaking terms with a few of you. But, somehow we all gravitate back to one another. We kissed and made up. That's what friends do, right? Even through the roughest of times we never ever forgot how much we loved each other and would do anything for.

Going to separate colleges and going through different paths of life didn't change anything either. We made new memories together even as we have gotten older and older. We have also made new friends, but we never forgot who our family was. Those new friends are now a part of our family. I think they are, maybe not to them but if they read this they know now.

To all of you that have been there for me, helped me through life, and have been the best friends anyone could ever ask for. Thank you. One day there will come a time when we are truly separated and life has taken us to different journey's, but never forget what we have built.

I look forward to all the new memories that will create and they will be exciting. You all are my family and I will never leave you ever. thank you, for being great and staying by my side throughout my life.

"Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart."

Thanks for the best times and here's to more to come!