It’s been a rough road, hasn’t it? Things were OK for a little and you finally thought you had a chance, just for everything to crumble at your feet… again. It feels like no one ever has enough faith in you, and the one time you need someone, no one is ever there.

You’re fighting a lonely fight. You have every reason in the world to give up, but you don’t. Every day you wake up, and you keep going. Every day you pour yourself that cup of coffee, wipe away the tears shed the night before, and keep fighting. You always keep fighting.

Lift your head up, and wipe those tears. Your day will be better. Look back at every single time you kept going — whether it was bad grades or a job that didn’t go your way. You have always picked yourself up, and you have always pushed so far.

You kept defying the odds, even when you never thought you would. Remember that time you said you couldn’t make it past something? Look at you now. There were days you never thought you could get past and you did. This will be another one of those days.

Maybe it’s not just a day. Maybe it’s not your week, month, or even year, but that’s OK. Today is the day you will change that. Today you are going to get out of bed, you are going to take a hot shower, put on your favorite clothes, and you are going to take on this day. Years from now you will look back on this day and wonder why you were so upset.

Your next adventure is just now beginning. Whether you are 16 or 68, go out and drive that car, write your book or kill that interview. Do that one thing that you were always scared to do, because this is your time.

If you are looking for a sign to get started, this is it. You are going to take on whatever it is you desire, and you are going to rock it. You are strong, you matter, and you will always make it through.

If there is nothing left for you to conquer, then change something. Rock that hairstyle you were too scared to try, maybe even that blue eyeliner that seemed like a lot. Regardless of what you do, do it for you. No one’s expectations of you should matter, only your own.

The light will soon shine on you, little fighter, and everything will soon be brighter. Forget what anyone says about you, and forget the negativity that has transpired. Today you are living up to your expectations, and today your happiness is the most important. Whatever is keeping you down is going to pass. You will turn into the person you have always dreamed you would be.

Keep pushing forward. Always keep pushing forward.