Titanfall 2 First Thoughts and Impressions

Titanfall 2 First Thoughts and Impressions

is it worth it?

Titanfall 2 breaks the mold:

I am a little bit late to the party, but boy am I glad I showed up. I have been hearing pretty great things about Titanfall 2 from my peers. I am glad I chose not to pass on this game. So here is what you need to know: Titanfall was released in October and has made it's mark in the new sci-fi shooter narrative that has been increasingly popular amongst the 4 most recent AAA shooters that have come out. Last year Doom came out, and I was head over heels with that game. Why was Doom so good? What does Doom have to do with Titanfall? Well the pacing and quick game play mechanics are smooth and polished, and that is just way too fun. I would call Titanfall a 110% improvement over the first installment. The first title wasn't bad, so it is extremely impressive, because so many games have disappointing second entries. (Looking at you, Bioshock 2.) Titanfall has all the things I liked from the original game with major improvements, but not drastic ones. The game runs at a crisp 60 frames per second and has smooth graphics on the PS4. I'm not the only one who sees this trend in gaming where shooters have broken the mold. Doom, I use because it's close in the sense of sci-fi shooter, and quick pace that Call of Duty, and Battlefield did not have in a lot of places in the campaign the action would slow down because you were pinned down by fire, and it causes the action to grind to a halt. Doom, and Titanfall 2 don't have that issue as much, and have some of the most unique campaigns and multiplayer features I've ever played. So what makes this fun? As the video Iinked mentions, it broke the mold, and made the movement of your character essential to your survival. That is really what I loved about the action. The issue I see is that the gun play and movement, don't mesh the same way that they do in Doom.


Titanfall has been a game I've been playing on and off the last couple weeks. In my opinion it hasn't brought much replay-ability in the campaign- and the DLC has been sluggish to release. With no new content and not much enticement to keep players online, I fear the online community will suffer the same fate as it's predecessor. I do enjoy the fact that the DLC is free, but only time will tell if the lowered price tag is enough to keep players coming back. I think the variety of multiplayer game modes has been essential to keeping players online, but I feel as though the grind to unlock new features and such is quite lengthy. I spent hours trying to progress and get unlocks, and I don't get the same pacing as I do with Battelfield 1 in terms of unlocks.

The Verdict:

All in all, this is a solid title, but it might not be for everyone, I recommend you at least give this game a try, borrow it from a friend and have at the unique and compelling campaign. This game is a solid 7/10 right now and that's factoring the lack of content in multiplayer, the lack of DLC even 2 months + after the initial release. I feel as though the new content update didn't really bring what I would expect in a DLC pack- even if it is free. The time to content ratio just isn't there, and if EA and Respawn hope to keep their community until a sequel is out, the situation appears bleak if this trend continues. The game is definitely worth the rental at least, and definitely worth getting on sale, As of 2/14 it is about 40$ to get the deluxe edition of titanfall which includes all premium titan skins and unlocks "prime" titans from the get-go.

Cover Image Credit: EA Games

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