1. Open a window: Letting air into your room and opening a window will help freshen up and brighten your room.
  2. Make your bed: Another small step, but small steps are what counts. Making your bed is one step towards a cleaner environment.
  3. While on the topic of tidying, clean up your room: Put those dirty dishes in the sink and clean them, pick up the clothes off your floor, wipe away some of the dust that’s been building on your furniture.
  4. Find a journal: Get out a pen and some paper and simply write. If your feelings are a ball of tangled mesh, making a list of your feelings can help sort them out. If you feel hopeless, make a list of things that make you happy or things that make you feel like you have a purpose.
  5. Buy a plant: Buying a plant will give you an excuse to get out of bed, and the need to water said plant will give you an excuse to occupy yourself with a healthy activity (plants also need sunlight, so hey why don’t you bust open those curtains and let some light shine in your room, it’ll increase your dopamine and serotonin).
  6. Speaking of increasing serotonin, eat some chocolate: Chocolate helps serotonin, too. Go get some. It’ll be worth it. While you're eating chocolate, drink some water and get yourself a meal, you deserve it.
  7. Call a friend: Talk about whatever you feel comfortable with. If you’re up for it, go for a walk with a pal.
  8. If you aren’t up for human interaction, get outside: Go for a walk or a bike ride or a run or a jog. Sit at a park or meander around your neighborhood. Get your heart rate up, get your feet moving, get yourself feeling like a living, breathing person.
  9. Listen to some music: Sit down on your floor or get in a chair (avoid isolating yourself in your bed and your bedroom) and put on some tunes; sad, happy, it doesn’t matter. Find some jams that will make you feel something.
  10. Cry: Whether you’re sad, frustrated, hurt, angry, lost, or hopeless, a good cry will help clear your head and put you on the path to sorting everything out.