"Confidence is key."

Teenagers often lack confidence. This can be due to the constant pressure of "fitting in" with everyone around them and the latest trends that are discussed on social media. Teens are constantly trying to obtain the "ideal body image", even though said ideal body shape and size is not even set in stone. Clothes, shoes, and accessories are a whole other story. Teenagers are constantly feeling the need to spend top dollar for the latest "in" styles. Relationships also become more prominent at this age, which leads to worry of becoming attractive enough for someone of interest or even enough for a significant other. All of this can become overwhelming and can tend for people to lack confidence and feel as if they are not enough.

One should always feel worthy! Confidence leads to happiness, which then leads to you becoming the best you can possibly be! Here are some tips for gaining self-confidence and joy:

Removing negative people from your life is a major step in the right direction! This type of person will not only drain you emotionally and physically but will also bring down your confidence. Surrounding yourself with your loved ones, friends, and well-rounded people will bring positive vibes your way!

New hobbies can also bring a sense of relaxation and happiness. Pick up a new sport, interest, or skill to make use of your spare time. Also setting and working towards goals can help with self worth. Completing a goal will make you feel accomplished and proud of yourself!

Find what makes you feel happy and confident individually! This could include picking up on the new makeup trends or hairstyles. It could also be going to the gym more often to make you feel better physically and healthier. Making new friends and investing your time into new and better relationships will also help!

Recently, these types of tips have helped me regain and strengthen not only my happiness but also my confidence and I hope they can help you too! Everyone deserves to feel great! With confidence you can achieve anything!