5 Tips On How To Slay Your Very First Day Back To School
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5 Tips On How To Slay Your Very First Day Back To School

New (school) year, new you.

5 Tips On How To Slay Your Very First Day Back To School

Hey, guys! School will be starting soon and I have bundled up tips so you can look spectacular on your first day back to school. I hope this helps!

Fresh Face

Ponds, Baby lips, Facial Scrub

Sinai Urbieta

Start your day off with a fresh face! Use your favorite facial cleanser and exfoliator to achieve a squeaky clean face. Moisturize your face and make sure to moisturize your neck as well. If you want your skin to stay soft and flawless, APPLY SUNSCREEN. Many Koreans do this and apply sunscreen every three hours to maintain their flawless, glass-like skin. I promise you that if you do this, your skin will thank you 10 years later.

Wakeup and Makeup


Sinai Urbieta

If you don't wear makeup you can ignore this section. On your first day back to school, I recommend natural looking makeup. Here are some steps to my natural looking makeup routine:

1. Hydrate and moisturize your face before priming your face. Make sure to let the moisturizer sink into your skin for a bit before applying face primer.

2. Do your Brows. Your eyebrows can either break or make your whole look. Make some time to work on your eyebrows without rushing the process. You can fill in your eyebrows with powder or eyebrow pomade. If you are a beginner, try using the powder first. When using pomade, add a few drops of rose oil or any other oil you may have to lighten up the darkness of the product. Start by doing feather-like strokes (pomade or powder) going outward, and as you go into your inner brow the strokes start to slightly go up. Remember to do this lightly and don't put too much pressure onto your brows. After you have done that, use a slightly lighter concealer to clean up the bottom of your brow. It will give your eyebrows that freshly threaded look.

3. Foundation: For flawless application use a beauty blender. Use 2 pumps of foundation for your entire face. Scatter dots of foundation on your face and start blending the foundation by lightly patting the beauty blender around your face until your face has no harsh lines. For oily skin, I recommend Fenty Foundation and Estee Lauder Foundation. For dry skin, I recommend the Maybelline Dewy & Smooth Foundation.

4. Conceal your dark spots and under eyes. Blend the concealer with a beauty blender (make sure you dampen your beauty blender with water before you start blending anything). If your eyelids are a little dark you can also add a little concealer there too. Concealers can be expensive, so i suggest you use the affordable and good quality L.A. Girl HD Pro Concealer for only $4.99!

5. Set your foundation with translucent powder. You can also use your handy dandy beauty blender to apply the powder. Make sure to set your under eyes to avoid creasing and to set parts of your face that get oily. An affordable option would be Coty Airspun Translucent Extra Coverage Loose Powder for $5.97.

6. Add some bronzer right below your cheekbones and some on your jawline and chin. Use a soft brush and lightly brush on the bronzer in circular motions.

7. Apply blush on your cheekbones softly in circular motions. Add some to your chin and a little near the top of your forehead to make it look extra au naturel.

8. Use a nude colored lipstick (or liquid lipstick) so your lips won't look discolored or pale.

9. Apply your favorite highlighter to the high points on your face like the tip of your nose, cupids bow, brow bone, chin, and cheekbones. If you want a matte look don't do this step.

10. Mascara is what enhances your beautiful face! It makes you look more feminine and snatched. For extra voluminous and long lashes, use L'oreal Lash Paradise Mascara and apply the mascara on both sides of your lashes.

11. Last but not least, to make sure your makeup stays on all day, use Urban Decay's All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray.

Make Sure You Don't Stink


Sinai Urbieta

Shower and clean your hair with good smelling shampoo and conditioner. Have a signature scent that you always use. Moisturize your body with a scented lotion and use a perfume with the same scent. To make perfume last longer, apply vaseline to your wrists, behind your ears, neck, inner elbows, and inner knees. Carry a travel-sized deodorant in your bag just in case because Arizona heat ain't no joke!

Keep Your Hair Together

Have your hair clean, combed, and ready to go. If you're having a bad hair day, just put it up in a bun or ponytail and wear a cute hat to go with it.

Make Sure Your Clothes are Neat and Clean


Sinai Urbieta

If your clothes are wrinkled, iron it. You don't have to have expensive clothes to look good. Keeping your appearance neat does all the talking. Buffalo Exchange has affordable outfits as well as Plato's Closet if you're broke.

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