Tips For Drinking More Water

Everyone is always talking about wanting to drink more water. Whether their reasoning is a new diet or just wanting to be better hydrated, many people who aren't used to drinking water can find it difficult to get their recommended amount. I was lucky enough to grow up in a water-drinking household, where soda was only available at home for holidays or when we were having company over, so I know a few tricks of the trade that I can now share with you.

1. Carry a water bottle

Accessibility is everything. If you carry water with you wherever you go, you will be more likely to drink it. You can get a reusable water bottle in almost any size you need, whether you would like something small enough to fit in your purse or large enough to hold enough water for the whole day.

2. Drink water with every meal

Some people choose to drink water before they eat to fill themselves up, which can be helpful if you are dieting, but even just drinking water with each meal will get you through another cup or so.

3. Set realistic goals

You are not going to go from drinking almost nothing to three gallons of water each day, but if you are drinking that much soda or juice, you can easily replace those with water. Take a look at your personal situation and see how much water you can reasonably drink each day to avoid being disappointed in yourself later.

4. Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up

Drinking water first thing in the morning has been proven to have a ton of health benefits and is a great way to make yourself feel more awake.

5. Track your water intake

There are a ton of tracker ideas on websites like Pinterest, and seeing your progress throughout the day will definitely motivate you. If you have a bullet journal or planner, you can add it there, or just draw one out on a sticky note that you can keep with you throughout the day.

6. Figure out how you like your water

Do you like lemon or other fruits in it? Freezing cold, room temperature, or boiling? Drink water the way you like it to makes the experience more enjoyable, if you don't find it enjoyable already.

7. Work out

Do something that will make you thirsty and work out. For some this may be a brisk walk (where you can bring your water bottle with you!) while others may prefer an ab circuit at the gym. Breaking a sweat is good for your health, and losing the sweat and toxins frees up space in your body for water.

8. Mark your water bottle

Draw a line to show how much you would like to drink every hour or so throughout the day and drink down to that line by the time you have decided. This is an easy way to see progress as you go and keep your motivation up.

9. Drink even if you aren't thirsty

When you are thirsty, it means that you are already running low on water. Counteract this by drinking water periodically, even if you don't feel like you have to.

10. It is okay to drink things that aren't water

If you feel like having a cup of tea, you should. There is no point to denying yourself something you love. Try to limit your other beverages as much as possible, but completely cutting them out will surely end poorly.

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