Tip The Bill Challenge: A Server's Perspective

Tip The Bill Challenge: A Server's Perspective

Thank you to anyone who tips 20%, but, mostly, thank you to those who tip more. You just helped a college kid pay her phone bill.

Kylie Brofman

This is the most beautiful thing ever. Most people don't even tip 20%, let alone 100%. Like wow. When I was blessed with this I didn't know what to do. At first, I thought "they couldn't have possibly not wanted change". But then, I saw the top of the bill, " #tip the bill" was written.

I want those people to know that the night you gave me $20 for doing nothing, I got stiffed on a $100 bill, and was having a pretty shitty night. I went from making $35 on a seven-hour shift to making $55, because of you. If it wasn't for you, I would not have made minimum wage for the seven hours I worked. It wasn't worth coming into work if it wasn't for you. Yes, that was only $20 but that $20 meant the world to me.

To anyone who wants to make a person's day--please do this. Server wages are completely unpredictable. I have walked out of an eight-hour shift with $8, and other days with $80, and if I'm really lucky $150-$200.

I admit I did choose this life, mostly because I am a college student. Being a college student I have a million other things on my plate; classes, school work, actual work, internship, research, bills (from rent to textbooks to food). Worrying if I'll be able to afford food that week is a scary thought.

Everywhere else I wanted to work would give me $8-$9 an hour. That would not be nearly enough for me to be able to do everything I need to. With my school schedule, I wouldn't be able to work that many hours and would not be able to make my rent every month with that much an hour. Once taxes are taken out, I would make $180 a week if I worked 20 hours a week; with my rent and bills adding up to $600 a month; I wouldn't have much spending money. Most people who serve, this is their only option on making a living. And they might not even make it, especially with the number of people who don't tip at all.

For those of you that stiff a server here are some facts for you. For every $100 that is spent, I owe my work $3. Every time you stiff a server, you make them lose money. 3% of the server's sales go into tip out, which is money that goes to the bussers and runners and hosts. It doesn't matter what anyone tips, servers still owe that money. Also, some people need to be reminded that all servers have personal lives and shitty guests; yet we are still expected to (and do) put on a smiling face to every new person that walks in.

People yell at us for something that was completely out of our control, screaming in our faces to the point where we cry. At every serving job I have had, 4 to be exact, there is a place that is the crying space; because we all have cried due to guests. But guess what, after crying we still get everything done. We still go back out onto the floor and put a smile on our face to greet our next guest.

Sometimes after all of that and then having another person come in with an attitude, its hard to not give it back. Sometimes it's hard for us to keep going on throughout the day when we deal with shitty guests as well as our management team.

The cooks do not understand that our money comes from tips and our tips come from whether or not they do their jobs right and listen to all of the modifications and everything the guests ask for as well as making the food IN A TIMELY MANNER. Due to their mistakes, or bad people, we don't get tipped. We end up owing money to the restaurant we work at simply for being there. The tip the bill challenge is the best challenge out there, but it wouldn't be necessary if people would always just tip what they should.

Working with people makes me question humanity all the time. But the amazing people who understand all of the bullshit servers go through, restore my faith in humanity. They are the ones that say 'thank you' and actually tip. They understand how hard we work for no real money. Those that go beyond that and tip "the bill" or even a little over 20% are the best people around. The night I got that $20, I ended up making enough money to pay my phone bill for the month AND get dinner from Wawa that night. The tip the bill phenomenon is a wonderful thing. It brings joy to my heart and makes believe that people do have good hearts.

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