Time Slow Down

Time Slow Down

The steps between our mountain tops.

As Thanksgiving is quickly approaching we are all going to see so many people all of a sudden becoming incredibly grateful for things they have never been grateful for before. As terrible as it sounds, we all do this at this exact time every single year. We never take any other time of the year to appreciate all that happens in our life because we are constantly moving on to our next huge thing. In our world, we honestly need a time dedicated to being grateful because of our need to rush through life.

We rush things. All of us do. We rush going to the grocery store. We rush through high school dances. We rush through college (some of us). We just rush.

We constantly rush on to the next big thing. When we take one test we rush to start studying for the next. When we accomplish one big thing we rush to accomplish the next big thing. When we order something on the internet we don't even wait for it to ship before we buy something better.

While it is good that we are constantly striving for more, we might want to stop and soak in where we are in life right now. As crazy as it seems to not focus on the next big thing, we don't really need to.

We are here. Now. We are not there now.

We aren't at the next big thing. We are at the steps in between. The steps it takes to get from the what we think is our highest mountain top.

When I realized I needed to slow down and appreciate the good things, more good things started to come. I began to see that I was not noticing all of the small things that brought me joy because I was so focused on that next big thing.

We need little things. We need friends to just show up at our doors. We need those late night phone calls. We need the "oh my goodness I have missed you so much" from the friends we haven't seen in 3 hours. It's those small things that keep us going in the long run. Those small things are what makes us wish for time to slow down.

After all the rush of our lives, let't just take a breather. Take the time to apprectiate all of the little things. All of the little things we constantly take for granted and call annoying. Those are the things we need to begin to appreciate the most.

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Sorry, UCF, But You're Not Champions

Sorry not sorry

Growing up just an hour away from Orlando, Florida I know that writing this article is going to get me in trouble with some of my friends from high school, but if the University of Central Florida isn’t letting it go anytime soon, neither am I.

Congratulations UCF on your on your amazing season and your undefeated record!

Going 13-0 and holding the American Athletic Conference record is no easy feat. However, you climbed your way to the Top 25 by playing some average teams and some mostly unranked teams. Regardless, it is impressive that you were able to remain undefeated for the entire season and I understand why you would be excited. Your team should revel in their achievements and your collegiate community should celebrate all your accomplishments and hard work.

However, despite how impressive this may seem, unfortunately, you are NOT National Champions.

You want to call yourself THE National Championship Team WITHOUT even qualifying to play for the National Championship game. Winning a Peach Bowl against a strong, 2017 SEC Championship winning team like Auburn University was an incredible way to end your season—you did it!!!

But winning a Peach Bowl does not allow you to claim a National Championship nor does it give you permission to diminish or undermine the College Football National Playoff Championship process.

There is a system used by the College Football Playoff Committee—a committee of thirteen individuals who are current athletic directors from each of the five Power Five Conferences, university presidents, head coaches, sports reporters, and/or former standout professional and college football players.

This committee considers multiple factors throughout the season when making their final determination of which four teams will end up in the playoff bracket. Merely stating that you should be National Champions because you beat Auburn after Auburn took out the two regular season #1 ranked teams—Georgia and Alabama—does not make it so.

Frankly, is not only outrageous, it’s laughable. And people are laughing.

Alabama played six ranked teams going into the championship with a 12-1 season, Georgia played five ranked teams in a 13-1 season. Clemson played a total of seven ranked teams while only losing two games all season and Oklahoma finished 12-1. Even Ohio State played a total of five ranked teams in a 14-2 season. So how does it make sense for you, only playing two ranked teams, to be in a playoff championship?

I agree that your coaches deserve playoff bonuses and your university should be celebrating the season. However throwing yourself a parade, making National Champions t-shirts, and talking about having a trophy made for your undefeated season is embarrassing...and now that you are in the big league let it be known that this is not how National Champion contenders roll.

I’m sorry but you are not National Champions this year just because you participated and did a good job—there are no participation trophies in college football. But you did finish #6 this season—CONGRATULATIONS!!

You have put UCF on the map and there are 24 other teams on that impressive list of college football powerhouses that see you — you have made your presence in the Top 10 known. Now #ChargeOn, act like the champions you believe you are and bring it again next season!!

Who knows, maybe this time next year, you will have a College Football National Playoff Championship, Knight!

Cover Image Credit: UCF.football instagram

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Who Is The Baddest Man On The Planet?

UFC 220: Miocic Vs Ngannou

On January 20th in Boston, Mass UFC 220 will be taking place as #1 ranked Francis Ngannou gets his shot at the UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic. Also, Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel "DC' Cormier defends his title against #2 ranked Volkan Oezdemir in the co-main event. Then in the Featherweight Division, undefeated Shane Burgos (10 - 0) faces Calvin Katter, also 2 Bantamweights will face off as Thomas Almeida takes on Rob Font. And another Light Heavyweight fight will be on the main card with Gian Villante goes up against Francimar Barroso.

The Main Event for January 20th will determine who the baddest Heavyweight on the planet is, who will it be? The reigning champ Stipe Miocic or the unstoppable force of Francis Ngannou. Since defeating Fabricio Werdum for the belt, Stipe has gone 2-0 with his last 2 victories being won by knockouts. Those 2 knockouts were against Junior Dos Santos and Alistair Overeem.

On the other side of the fence is Francis Ngannou who recently won the knockout of the year award. Francis is on a 10 fight winning streak with no plans of slowing down anytime soon. A majority of his wins have ended in devastating fashion with an incredible amount of power. Ngannou’s most recent victory was the knock over Alistair Overeem which granted him the knockout of the year and the title shot. Francis plans on doing the same to Stipe but Stipe is the Heavyweight Champion for a reason.

More impressively Francis Ngannou broke the world record for the highest punching power in the world which is now measured at 129,161 units of power. His most recent victory is considered to be the best of knock out of 2017 and definitely one of the scariest ones we have seen in the history of The Ultimate Fighting Championship.

DC makes his return to the cage since his last bout with Former Light-heavyweight Champion Jon Jones over the summer last year on July 29th, 2017 was Overturned to an NC since Jones failed a test with USADA. Daniel “DC” Cormier will be facing Oezdemir but many members of the mixed martial arts community assumed this fight would be canceled because Volkan was arrested and charged with Aggravated Battery on November 19th, 2017. While it caused a frenzy and his title shot was unclear, the fight will go on. As he deals with this Court Case that he recently pleaded ‘Not Guilty” to, he still gets to fight.

It will affect him in any way unless of course he gets arrested again before UFC 220. “No Time” Oezdemir will get what he asked for after his knockout of Jimi Manuwa also on July 29th, 2017, which was a title shot against the champion. But this fight will be a true test for Volkan and his endurance and durability as DC has dominated and smashed everybody in the division besides Jon Bones Jones with his superior wrestling.

Will UFC 220 be a repeat of UFC 217 where all new champions were crowned, or will the Kings of the Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight division stand their grounds? Find out by tuning into UFC 220 on Pay-Per-View this weekend on Saturday, January 20th for fireworks!

Cover Image Credit: Youtube.com

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