As Thanksgiving is quickly approaching we are all going to see so many people all of a sudden becoming incredibly grateful for things they have never been grateful for before. As terrible as it sounds, we all do this at this exact time every single year. We never take any other time of the year to appreciate all that happens in our life because we are constantly moving on to our next huge thing. In our world, we honestly need a time dedicated to being grateful because of our need to rush through life.

We rush things. All of us do. We rush going to the grocery store. We rush through high school dances. We rush through college (some of us). We just rush.

We constantly rush on to the next big thing. When we take one test we rush to start studying for the next. When we accomplish one big thing we rush to accomplish the next big thing. When we order something on the internet we don't even wait for it to ship before we buy something better.

While it is good that we are constantly striving for more, we might want to stop and soak in where we are in life right now. As crazy as it seems to not focus on the next big thing, we don't really need to.

We are here. Now. We are not there now.

We aren't at the next big thing. We are at the steps in between. The steps it takes to get from the what we think is our highest mountain top.

When I realized I needed to slow down and appreciate the good things, more good things started to come. I began to see that I was not noticing all of the small things that brought me joy because I was so focused on that next big thing.

We need little things. We need friends to just show up at our doors. We need those late night phone calls. We need the "oh my goodness I have missed you so much" from the friends we haven't seen in 3 hours. It's those small things that keep us going in the long run. Those small things are what makes us wish for time to slow down.

After all the rush of our lives, let't just take a breather. Take the time to apprectiate all of the little things. All of the little things we constantly take for granted and call annoying. Those are the things we need to begin to appreciate the most.