How To Throw A 'Gilmore Girl's' Themed Bridal Shower
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How To Throw A 'Gilmore Girl's' Themed Bridal Shower

"Oy with the poodles already!"

How To Throw A 'Gilmore Girl's' Themed Bridal Shower

The revival of "Gilmore Girls" has got everyone going crazy. With November 25, 2016 as the date set for the release of the Netflix show, I think it's important to make sure everything you do is Gilmore Girls related. From re-watching the series to stalking Alexis Bladel and Lauren Graham on social media, I've got the solution so it doesn't have to stop there!

This past April, two of my best friends came together to plan a beautiful bridal shower for a family friend. As the bride-to-be was a die-hard fan of the show, it only seemed right to send her off with something she loved. With both of them leading the party and eight other girls on their heels to help, we pulled off what seemed to be a crazy idea at the time. Without further ado, here is everything you need to know on how to throw a "Gilmore Girls" themed bridal shower.

1. Decór

With balloons hanging from the ceiling and balloons scattered on the floor, we chose light colors to compliment the theme of the shower. My friend, Udita Menon, also made two posters with Gilmore Girls references to complete the setting. With a reference to Luke's Diner, we had a "No Cell Phones" sign. And in reference to the Life and Death Brigade, we also created a sign with their infamous catchphrase, "In Omnia Paratus," which means, "ready for anything." To complete the look, we added fake rose petals to any empty space we could find!

In addition, every girl who attended the bridal shower received a "mug" of goodies. The bride-to-be got her own mug, with an extra tiara and sash. Each mug included a small, pink tiara and a pin to put on. The pins, created by Shruti Chandramouli and Akriti Singh, had popular quotes from the show, such as "1-1-1-1-1,' of "Tie your tubes, idiot,", "Copper boom!" '"I have ennui," and, "Did you ever know you're my hero?" These pins gave a personal touch to each guest, and for die-hard Gilmore Girls lovers like us, a fun topic starter.

2. Food

The menu beautifully created by Nisha Katti consisted of clever, delicious meals for everyone to enjoy. Created by Akriti Singh and Shruti Chandramouli, they put their Gilmore Girl minds to work and their passion for baking to conjure up the delicacies and snacks served. The three main inspirations for these foods were:

Emily Gilmore

Known as Lorelai's mother in the show, she's also remembered by her high societal lifestyle. As a snack, we prepared DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) tea sandwiches in the form of either cream cheese with cucumbers, sun-dried tomatoes with basil, or hummus & roasted peppers. We also served "posh" pear tartlets, which were baked phyllo shells filled with blue cheese and pears. The name for the tartlets on the menu included a fun little play on words: "In Omnia Pear Tartlets!"

Luke Danes

Known as local diner owner and love interest of Lorelai, his diner and casual atmosphere inspired a tray full off pizza bites. After all, they are everyone's favorite snack; you can never go wrong with a pizza bite!

Sookie St. James

Known as the chef for Independence Inn and a fun, bubbly best friend to Lorelai, she's also noted for her creative kitchen inventions. We had three desserts; all of them inspired by Sookie and her undeniable lovable personality. The first creation was named, "Sookie's Smad Scones," which consisted of chocolate chip scones or blueberry scones with a sweet lemon glaze. The second creation, aptly named, "Whoopee Dessert Sushi," consisted of bananas and/or strawberries rolled in flattened bread with Nutella or peanut butter and covered in Rice Krispies.

The third sweet creation - "Independence Inn Cheesecake Pop-Tart Balls" - is as heavenly as it sounds. All you have to do is crush the pop tarts (whatever flavor you desire), mix it in with cream cheese, roll them into balls, melt chocolate and then cover the truffles with a chocolate-y cover, and then freeze them!

In addition to these inspirations, we also had a few other snacks that were inspired by other characters from the show. For example, we had an ode to Lorelai and Rory's junk food guilty pleasure with a popcorn bar. Filled with popcorn, an array of toppings that include caramel, melted chocolate, M&M's, and possibly any other topping you could think of.

And not to worry! It wasn't all sweet, junk food. We also had a bit of healthy options to balance it out. Taking inspiration from the local produce guy in town and Sookie's husband, Jackson, "Jackson's Famous Citrus Salad," consisted of almost every citrus you can name of and tasted as good as it looks. We also served, "Mrs. Kim's Sensible Crackers," which were plain crackers that you could eat with Brie cheese.

For beverages, there was a large selection of orange juice, sweet tea, ginger ale, water, and a strawberry lemonade punch. However, despite all the options you have, make sure to never forget the most important one: coffee!

3. Games/Crafts

The first activity we did was marble mug making. Our main inspiration was Lorelai and her coffee obsession. After making these cute decorated mugs, it's hard not wanting coffee. Here's a simple rundown on how to make them: have a small bowl of warm water, sprinkle a few drops of the desired nail polish color, and just dip the mug in, wrapping it around the way you want it. You can add colors as needed. After this was done, we sprayed them all with an acrylic finish (Note: hand-wash only).

Our second game was called the newspaper game. We drew this inspiration from Rory, our resident aspiring journalist, as well as a newspaper journalist at Yale. The basics of this game are pretty easy. Everyone is split into a certain number of groups and each team has to create a wedding dress out of newspaper. The bride-to-be is the judge so make sure you design them to her taste!

4. Photoshoot

(Akriti Singh & Shruti Chandramouli, the masterminds behind
the "GG"-themed bridal shower, at the photo-booth station!)

The photo-booth station was a vital part of the bridal shower. What better way to document memories than with a beautiful backdrop and a few props? You can even make signs that say, "Team Bride," and "_____'s getting married!" Gayatri Menon, our photographer for the day, took pictures of all of us with the bride-to-be along with a few candids, capturing the smiles, laughter, and Gilmore Girls love throughout the day. And while we didn't have black umbrellas on hand, a fun GG-themed idea for a photoshoot would be a cute picture of everyone jumping with black umbrellas (which is, of course, a reference to the Life and Death Brigade).

"Gilmore Girls" is an amazing show that so many of us have grown up with. From its cute moments to its funny ones, it's hard not to be obsessed with Lorelai, Rory, and their complicated yet simple lives. For those of you out there, in dire need of a theme or just inspiration for a bridal shower, I hope this inspires you and maybe gives you more ideas. If this does neither for you, I hope at best this gives you excitement for the revival this upcoming November. As Netflix themselves have said: "Live more. Laugh more. Eat more. Talk more. Gilmore."

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