Through The Looking Glass
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Through The Looking Glass

Becoming aware of the multitude of realities you live in

Through The Looking Glass

The smoke danced against the rainy condensed window as the tip of the incense disintegrated into a grayish light ash. The incense was a tannish color before, but as a result of the burn, a soft discolored ash began to fill the window sill. Funny how incense ends up, resulting in a new color and form.

I peered through the window, thinking about how incense is almost like people, being born as one form, then birthing a new personality, a new way of thinking.

I see, I always say, I can see. I thought.

Can I really see?

If I told people what I see, would it be true?

Or would it be just another depiction of something or someone that I think I understand?

I yet wait to convert into my new ashy form, a spark or moment when I transform into the destined and truest form of self.

Often people only see what they have been told to see, and what they have grown to know. Many don't understand that they don't know, what they don't know. Seems easy or almost obvious to state. But with the different environments and “sponsors” that have set up an ideal life for us, there are different realms of situations and emotions that one has never experienced. This has limited our sight and our understanding of others.

Can I see?

I keep repeating to myself.

Well, the growth of experience and the openness to multiplicity will allow one to further their sight.

That is when you convert, become your purest form of self, the destined person you were meant to be.

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