Three Weeks Down, Too Many More To Go
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Three Weeks Down, Too Many More To Go

Despite it being the beginning of the school year, the stress levels are already rising and it is important to find ways to alleviate it, even if it is only partially.

Three Weeks Down, Too Many More To Go
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All of us have had those weeks where there feels like you have fifty million things going on with no time to do them. It is beyond difficult to try and take a breather to collect your thoughts and simply take one task at a time. Hopefully these are some helpful tips on how to calm down while also getting your work done.

  1. Find a distraction- It may sound counterproductive but finding something to take your mind off of your work for a small amount of time allows you to alleviate some of the stress and to think of things in smaller more manageable groups. It could be working out, reading a book, playing a video game, anything that will help you escape for awhile without completing taking your focus away from the work to be done.
  2. Make a general to do list- To do lists can actually make things worse if you take them too seriously and place too much emphasis on going in order. However, these lists are helpful if you just use them as a guide of what you should eventually get done. Using it as a guideline rather than a set plan of action will allow you to take it one thing at a time, and who doesn’t love checking something off of their to do list?
  3. Meditate- If you are anything like me the idea of meditating sounds ridiculous in such a high stress situation but it is actually helpful in relieving stress. Meditation gets your heart rate down and clears your head. It even slows your body down resulting in you feeling like there is not so much pressure to get everything done all at one time.
  4. Talk to a loved one- Whenever I am stressed I immediately run to my mom or brother to have a conversation. Often times, they will help calm you down and mitigate your stress level. Or even if you call just to have a conversation about nothing, knowing that they are there for you in the moment is a significant relief.
  5. Go out with your roommate- My roommate knows the tell-tale signs of when I am about to have a stress induced freakout and whenever she sees me on the verge we go out to eat or go the humane society to blow off some steam. Some people like being by themselves when they are stressed out, but having someone there with you while you try to calm down is a big help and most times will give you the push you need to do something else for awhile.
  6. Treat yourself- Sometimes when I get stressed I will do a few things I know need to get done immediately but then I will reward myself in some way. Whether it is going out to get a coffee or getting my nails done sometimes all the help you need is yourself.
  7. Remember that it is not the end of the world- That may seem extremely difficult in the moment but there is always another day and every day is a new start. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh day with a new outlook to get the productivity flowing.
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