This past year I started paying more attention to hockey. But I'm going to be honest and say although I watch the game and enjoy it quite a bit, there is still A LOT that I don't understand about it. This always ends up with me asking questions for clarification. I can ask a thousand questions and still need help, so here are some thoughts that I most definitely have had while watching the 2017 Stanley Cup (I am 100% sure there are many, many more).

1. "How do they move so fast on the ice?"


3. "Woah! Wait! When did that happen??"

4. "Wait they just had 2 goals...when did they get a third?"

5. "Wait...Is that even legal?"

6. "That had to hurt!"

7. "How do they hop over the wall like that??"

8. "It's over already??"

My questions are out there. Some have been answered and some have not. But either way I encourage you to watch hockey and just enjoy it no matter how confused you may be.