Everyone's has had a sickness in their life. Some cases are worse than others, while others don't come back from it. We normally end up in our bed or sucking it up on the job or during school. Some of us drugged up on NyQuil or pain killers, and it's a beautiful sight. The bed is covered by tissues and plush blankets while Netflix/Hulu is showing your favorite TV show that you are hazily watching. While lying in bed or standing around at work, we've all had these thoughts or regrets while holding a tissue.

1. Why did I take my nose for granted?

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Imagine that you can't smell your favorite scent for a couple of weeks. Does it make you sad? If yes, you know how it is to have a cold. All of the mucus is up the nose and through the throat. The only thing you would be able to smell complete is the menthol in the Vic's Vapor Rub. No one likes to not be able to breathe through their nose except the mouth breathers.

2. If there was a common cold vaccine, I would get it in a heart beat.

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I mean, if there is a flu shot, why don't we have the common cold strain frozen and dead? I mean, it's not like the flu shot does us any good. There are different strains of the virus. It would be a dream if there was a shot that we could all take that is legal for us to never get the common cold again. We've all thought like this in our NyQuil dreamy haze state in bed.

3. I hate being in this haze.

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When we have a fever, it feels like we are in a drunken haze but we feel colder. It truly isn't a great experience especially when your fever lowers and suddenly your body turns on the heat again. Some people enjoy the haze, but I doubt anyone truly enjoys all of the sickness that comes with the feverish haze.

4. I'm dying!

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We all have this dramatic flair when we become really sick. All of a sudden, we become rookie actors trying out for a big role. We are great actors when we are sick because we commit to the tricks, such as falling over, with pride and skill. I find this is a common phrase with my friends especially when they greet me in the morning.

5. What did I do to deserve this?

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With even more dramatic flair and annoyance, we've developed this phrase because we all end up saying it. When we are the sickest we've ever been, these words escape more often. This dramatic phrase is sung by those who are heartbroken, depressed, sick and vice versa. Why do we ever deserve things? Why do we do things that give us karma? We will never know.

6. Thoughts and Prayers.

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We hear this phrase a lot. We hear it in different situations whether it be positive or negative. In some cultures, this phrase is used to cure the sick and handle bad situations. There is a lot of power in words. This phrase is like a pharmacy, its medicine for the soul. We see this posted on social media that allows us to know that our friends are in a positive or negative situation and we should behave accordingly.

These are only a few thoughts that we have while being sick. I'm sure it's different across different locations, cultures, personality traits and belief systems. We've all been sick and it sucks to be sick. No one wants to sit in bed and feel like crap. I'm sure the majority of us would love to sit in bed and not do anything.