32 Thoughts We All Had Watching The 'Fuller House' Premiere
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32 Thoughts We All Had Watching The 'Fuller House' Premiere

The reunion season debuted Friday, February 26th and this sums up the first glance.

32 Thoughts We All Had Watching The 'Fuller House' Premiere

DAfter almost three decades, "Full House" fans are getting the reunion they deserve! The follow up series contains thirteen 20–25 minute episodes updating fans on their favorite TV family's lives. The original adult characters, like Danny, Jesse, Joey and Aunt Becky, unfortunately, are not in every episode, but they are present for the premiere and do guest star throughout the season.

A lot of fans were curious on how the writers would leave out the Olsen twins' character, Michelle, but it was pleasantly funny when their excuse was the real reason the twins gave: Focusing on building their fashion empire. Fun fact: Even the twins' sister, Elizabeth Olsen, was asked to stand in for Michelle's character, but no budge. This is a list of things that were going through my head when I first watched the sequel's premiere (don't judge, I have already seen it three times), and I believe the majority of "Full House" fans can agree with me on it.

1. Realizing how long it has been and thinking, "Damn, I'm old."

2. Each time a OG cast member shows up, there will definitely be a long laugh track from the audience.

3. I wish I had a love like OTP (one true pair) aka Uncle Jesse & Aunt Becky.

4. Can't get over how old everyone is.

5. If Stephanie's obnoxious British accent continues, I am going to stop watching.

6. The shade thrown at the Olsen twins within three minutes of the show was great and deserved.

7. The Katsopolis twins are just as cute as when they were younger (yes, they are the same actors).

8. So many sexual jokes... I feel awkward that this is a family show.

9. It's like Andrea Barber played Kimmy literally yesterday.

10. Good timing, Baby Tommy. Even the baby knows not to put your nasty feet on the table, Gibbler.

11. Shout out to the writers for the Donald Trump punchlines.

12. Each time there's a famous catchphrase, there will also be a laughing track.

13. The new theme song is pretty bomb.

14. Stephanie cover up your boobs; you will always be little Steph.

15. The parallelism of Danny losing his wife and DJ losing her husband is so sad.

16. Don't worry, Tommy, Mr. Woodchuck makes us cry too.

17. Who is this Mrs. Tanner saying things like "sexy" and "wild?" No, Danny is supposed to be with a schoolteacher or baker or someone else.

18. How much did Febreze pay to have their "Extra Strong" product shout out?

19. I'm with the rest of the cast — how did this Hispanic hunk end up with Kimmy?

20. DJ, I would not tell this beautiful man to leave my party.

21. Are there gonna be people breaking out into throwback dance routines a lot? It's nice the first time but...

22. Steve, where did your luscious hair go?

23. I know you have great voices, but why were they edited into the scene so badly? At least lip sync better fam.

24. Max is the cutest thing. Can I put him in my pocket please?

25. Jackson and Ramona are totally gonna end up together.

26. I love the not-so-subtleness of Steve trying to get out of the friend zone.

27. Kimmy and Mr. T. hugging was kinda cute even though Danny looked really uncomfortable.

28. Happy that Comet's name stayed in his family, gotta love Comet Junior Junior Junior.


30. Finally Steph is stepping up. No Ibiza for you.

31. I feel bad that Baby Tommy is crying 80 percent of his screen time.

32. Michelle was so cute in the flashbacks. Great, now I'm salty again that the Olsens declined to join the reunion.

Although corny, the show couldn’t just leave out the catchphrases that we know and love. Now that the first episode got them out of the way, the rest of the season seems pretty normal. The story and characters, both old and new, look promising, and I am excited! So far I have watched half the season, and it has yet to disappoint. It definitely gives us the nostalgia and warmth that the original production gave its viewers. Enjoy!

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