I Rewatched 'Ocean’s 8' And I Have Some THOUGHTS

I Rewatched 'Ocean’s 8' And I Have Some THOUGHTS

“A 'him' gets noticed, a 'her' gets ignored. And for once, we'd like to be ignored."


"Oceans 8" debuted back in the summer of 2018. I saw it in theaters and I only had good things to say about it. It's got a phenomenal, almost entirely female, badass cast.

I rewatched this film the other day and noticed a few things that really stuck with me. Here are a few.

Sandra Bullock, who plays Debbie Ocean, was in prison for over 5 years only to be released and take her $45 dollars to a mall. Are you following? Okay, so get this.

I don't condone shoplifting, but seeing the work of art that IS Debbie Ocean saunter into several stores and walk out with bags of things she didn't pay for was a highlight. What all women can take from this particular moment is not how to shoplift, but instead how to be confident. She carried herself with just purpose and looked phenomenal whilst doing so.

Another scene that I loved was when Debbie and Lou, Cate Blanchett's character, were reunited. The two used to work on a team together, and seeing their first few interactions on the screen made me so happy. They reminded me of me and my best friends. We tease each other, we go out to eat, we rob the MET Gala — no wait, not that last one. But you get my point.

As I previously mentioned, this cast is amazing. From Mindy Kaling, who plays Amita, to my girl Rihanna, Nine Ball, the whole film is filled with great one-liners and interactions between women from all walks of life who work together to get. ish. done.

When we're first introduced to Amita, she is working and living with her mother. Debbie finds her and asks how long it would take her to make seven pieces of jewelry if the stones were already cut to which Amita responds, "Probably five or six hours." Debbie, knowing Amita's situation, then poses the follow-up question, "How long if I told you you didn't have to live with your mother anymore?" Amita's response is priceless. "Less."

One minor problem Debbie and her right-hand lady Lou run into is right at the beginning of the film. They need a designer to demand that Daphne Kluger (Anne Hathaway), the host of the MET Gala this year, wears a very famous, very expensive heirloom diamond necklace, the Toussaint with her outfit. The whole plot of the film is the intricate planning and execution of the heist. Rose Weis, played by Helena Bonham Carter, is a rather tragic and "iconic" designer is in deep with the IRS. She needs a lot of money to pay off all of her debts. Debbie and Lou find her. She was perfect. It only takes a staged photo in the tabloids and a very jealous Daphne Kluger to see it, and the team is in.

Because the diamond is literally 6 lbs of pure gem, another essential member of the team was needed to find equipment to create a replica necklace. Who better than a suburban mom running an illegal operation out of her garage? Sarah Paulson's character, Tammy, was one of my favorite members of the squad. She loved her home life and kids, but something was missing, and she was desperate to "get back in the game."

Debbie seeks her out and Tammy is back in action. She works her way into a job as one of the coordinators for the MET Gala, being the team's eyes and ears on the inside. It is with her insight that Nine Ball can get into the system and begin to make changes to the security for the event.

The final(ish) and most #relatable member of the team is Constance, played by the talented and equally as #relatable Awkwafina. Constance is a 20-something pick-pocketer and street entertainer who has the smoothest hands like, ever. She is the one who slyly removes the necklace from Daphne's neck and plants in a mule. All of the women evade the police and are in the clear.

At the end of the film, Debbie reveals that Daphne was looped in on the rouse later on in the planning. So instead of 7 criminal ladies, there are 8, who work together and steal not only one necklace, but an entire room full of crown jewels as people run around looking for one necklace. A really complex, genius plan that all eight women needed to be a part of in order to succeed.

This film is beautiful, funny, suspenseful, and makes you feel empowered. A hacker, an ex-con, a motorcyclist, a pick-pocketer, a mom, a celebrity, a jeweler, and a designer all work together and end up millionaires.

10/10 would definitely recommend.

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While children's movies are silly, fun and enjoyable overall, they also usually teach life lessons as well. No one does this better than Disney. Hidden within the catchy songs and great animation are important lessons about friendship, love and going for what you believe is right. Here are 10 great Disney movies that have taught so many people important lessons.

1. "Lilo and Stitch"

Lilo and Stitch is an overall fun movie about an alien experiment that become the pet of a human girl and the develop a lasting friendship. The life lesson this movie teaches is that someone does not need to be related to you by blood in order to be family. Also, that just because someone is different, that does not mean that they should not be treated fairly. Lilo was able to see past Stitch's weird looks and behavior and loved him just like she would love any pet. Eventually her sister learned to love Stitch as well and accepted him as part of the family.

2. "Mulan"

Mulan is one of my favorite Disney movies because of the lesson it teaches, to be yourself and to do what you believe is right, even if other people disagree with you. This movie is a classic honor story where Mulan goes to fight in the war in the place of her father to prove herself, even though she knows if she is discovered it will bring dishonor to her family. I think this movie is so important for kids because is shows that you can do what ever you want regardless of your gender. This movie also emphasizes the strength of girl power and that having a pretty face is not everything.

3. "The Lion King"

Another Disney classic, the Lion King follows the story of Simba as he grows and becomes the eventual leader of his pack after a heated battle with his uncle. This movie teaches kids about loss, regret and not being afraid to face your fears. The central conflict of this story is when Mufasa dies trying to save Simba and Simba blames himself for his father's death and leaves his pack because he is afraid to face everyone. When his evil uncle Scar takes control he knows he has to go back and faces his fear of rejection and blame to help his family.

4. "Frozen"

Frozen was an instant phenomenon with catchy tunes and the power of sisterly love. This story teaches kids that there is nothing wrong with independence and sometimes all the support you ever need is support from your family. This story also teaches kids that it is not good to suppress your emotions because eventually all that pent up energy will come out in a bad way.

5. "Beauty and the Beast"

Another classic, this movie follows the story of an avid reader who ends up having to serve who the town call a monster but Belle sees through his thick skin to his kind heart. This movies teaches us that you cannot judge a book by its cover and that it is who someone is inside that counts. Also that reading is awesome and having knowledge is power.

6. "The Princess and the Frog"

This is another girl power story where a middle class girl wants to open her own restaurant because that was always her father's dream and no matter what she is willing to do what she needs to in order to succeed. This movie teaches the importance of hard work and determination and teaches children that they can do what ever they put their minds, even if all the odds are against them.

7. "Tangled"

"Tangled" is a fun loving movie about an eccentric girl who decides to venture out of the tower she has been trapped in her whole life and goes on the adventure of a lifetime.This movies shows us that sometimes the people who are supposed to care for us or claim to care for us do not actually have our best interest in mind and that it is okay to go outside of your comfort zone.

8. "Brave"

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9. "Cinderella"

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10. "Mary Poppins"

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Cover Image Credit: Pintrest

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5 Reasons You Need To Watch Oscar-Winning Short Film 'Period. End of Sentence.' On Netflix Right Now

"A period should end a sentence. Not a girl's education."


Woman or man, young or old, this will be one of the best-spent 26 minutes of your day. Monumental social conversations don't start on a national scale, but rather within the home. Just in case you need some more reasons to celebrate equality, independence, international human rights, and quiet strength, here's why you need to watch this documentary:

1. Its Mission Is To Break The Global Stigma Surrounding Menstruation.


In the West, being embarrassed by your time of the month likely involves walking quickly through the pad and tampon aisle at the store, and intentionally not making eye contact with anyone else around you. In developing countries, being on your period entails such immense shame that most girls and women either refuse to attend school or places of worship at all until it's over, or using random, potentially harmful pieces of fabric in hopes of managing it, all while still being the subject of ridicule by others for having stains on your clothing. This documentary works to shatter this taboo topic in India through cultural examination, community education, and female empowerment. Let's normalize it, shall we?

2. It Won The Oscar This Year For Best Short Documentary.

Producer Melissa Berton and director Rayka Zehtabchi accept the Oscar at the 91st Academy Awards.

Getty Images


3. It's Under Half An Hour.

Photo by Ahmed Aqtai from Pexels

You probably scroll through your Instagram and Twitter feeds for longer than it will take you to watch this film.

4. It Empowers Women And Shows The Incredible Change That Can Happen When Men Support Their Equals.


Instead of simply giving to those in need, this film stresses the impact and endless benefits of teaching a community how to sustain itself (and others!) for years to come, and how the education of both men and women alike can chip away at the self-issued power of an oppressive, patriarchal society.

5. It Will Inspire Your Inner Activist!

The Pad Project

Created by students in a small California high school, the Pad Project works to connect women with the opportunity to tap into their full potential, while also reclaiming their right to understand that a period should not end their education, only a sentence like this one. Feeling inspired to help change some lives from the comfort of your own home? To learn more about how to get involved or to donate visit thepadproject.org to help provide jobs, training, and financial independence to women all across India in only a few clicks.

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