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21 Realizations You Have When Turning 21

The older you are, the more you reflect on life.


Turning 21 is a milestone that made me stop and think about the things I have come to realize as I turned 21.

1. It is time to grow up and be an adult.

The responsibilities are here.

2. You can legally drink alcohol.

But does that really change much?

3. A new life stage is around the corner.

College is almost over.

4. Life keeps going.

Tomorrow is a new day.

5. Age is just a number.

It does not mean much.

6. Do not forget to have fun.

There is always time for some fun.

7. Now is the time to do what you want for you.

Nobody is going to put you first but you.

8. Somebody will always disprove of what you do.

Do not let others opinions stop you.

9. Being responsible is expensive.

Some luxuries are not worth it when you have to pay for everything.

10. Social media is not important.

Real friends visit, text, and call.

11. It is not possible to do everything.

The amount of time in a day never changes.

12. There is still a lot to learn.

You are constantly learning new things.

13. Cooking is important.

You should probably learn to cook a real meal.

14. Your parents did more than you knew.

Now that they are not around you realize how much they did.

15. Surround yourself with positive people.

You are too old to deal with unnecessary negativity.

16. Never stop believing in yourself.


You are your biggest advocate.

17. Small things make a difference.

Do small things for yourself and for others.

18. Family is important.

They will be there when nobody else is.

19. Speak your mind.

It is better to say something than regret never saying it.

20. You cannot control life.

Things happen beyond your control.

21. Everybody goes through this.

You are not the only one thinking these things.

Take some time to reflect on how far you have come in life.

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