Every year, my birthday tragically falls on or around Super Bowl Sunday, and this year is no different. So long to the thoughts of having an actual birthday party on my actual birthday, instead I get to attend my family's annual Super Bowl bash where all of the attention will be on the TV screen or on the food- but not me.

So in honor of my 22nd birthday, here are 22 thoughts I have about the Super Bowl- Every. Single. Year.

1. WHY is the attention on the TV and NOT on me?!


2. Do I really have to get a birthday cake with the Super Bowl teams on it?

3. I can't believe all of the balloons at Publix are football-shaped.

4. Is there anything else to eat here besides chicken wings?


5. I hope my presents aren't all in the shape of footballs.

6. How many more times will I hear the words "Touch down?"

7. Pay attention to ME! Hello!

8. Next year, my birthday dinner isn't going to be at a sports bar.

9. Okay, actually, halftime isn't that bad. I have [insert artist here] serenading me.


10. Even the napkins at my aunt's house have football teams on them!

11. What about the Happy Birthday plates??

12. Well, at least Grandma is talking to me.

13. Oh the Patriots scored again, what a great gift.

14. I'm so thankful for Julian Edelman.


15. Is the game over yet? Oh it's only the third quarter.

16. When is my family going to sing happy birthday to me?

17. Are they going to sing happy birthday to me, or did they forget?

18. At least my aunt's cats can keep me company (ah-choo!) Oh yeah, I'm allergic.


19. Too bad I don't even like beer.

20. Fourth quarter, yes! It's almost time to pay attention to ME again!

21. I need to go to the gym after all of that junk food.

22. I can't wait to celebrate my birthday the exact same way next year (with the Patriots winning).