6 Thoughts Every Waitress Has During Her Shift
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6 Thoughts Every Waitress Has During Her Shift

Because we've all had one of these pop in our heads.

6 Thoughts Every Waitress Has During Her Shift

I've been a waitress for a few weeks now, and obviously, I have no idea about some of the things that happen to a waitress just yet.

However, I do know some of the thoughts that we all have while waiting for tables, waiting for food, running to the kitchen, or just being ourselves really.

1. Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting...

You know, the little free (and boring) time that you have while you're waiting for your first table. However, the thing is, I know that I take that time for granted because we get busy all too soon and then I want to pull my hair out!

2. God, I'd give anything to sit down.

When you're on your feet for hours on end, all you want to do is sit down for once. I actually look forward to driving home just because my feet are aching so badly (AND I USE MEMORY FOAM SHOES). Yes, I'm a grandma, but still.

3. OK, I need five drinks, two appetizers, six salads, and bread.

I've always thought that being a server would be difficult, but until I started doing it myself, I know now that there is so much multitasking that we have to do in order to do our jobs. And writing things down is definitely what we're supposed to do, BUT sometimes our heads get too big and we think we can do it without writing it down (I write everything down because I'm afraid not to).

4. OK, where is my food?

I have this thought all the time, even after I send in an order. When it is slow in the restaurant, I know I tend to get antsy and hang around the kitchen because I definitely want to just get my order and get it to my table. When you're waiting for food on a slow day, five minutes can feel like an hour, and you definitely don't want your guests waiting for an hour.

5. Annnnnd I'm ready to be cut.

About the time that you're finishing up your last table before you can go home, you're ready to just be cut. I know I constantly look around for a manager walking around to see if they're coming towards me to tell me that I can finally go home. I mean, sure, making money is great and all, but going home is super grand too.

6. I really hope they won't be mad.

I hate when I get an order and it's wrong or a guest hates their experience. I definitely get super overwhelmed when someone asks to see my manager because it's obvious that I can't do anything, and it just makes me wanna cry because I want to please them but it just doesn't work.

There are definitely more thoughts that we have, only some of them are a little less fun than others. I commend every server out there because it truly is a rough job, especially on those who have never been on their feet all day (like me). I've learned so much about talking to others and working together, but it has been both exciting and boring at the same time.

Appreciate your servers! You just never know what all they have going on both in and out of their jobs.

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