10 Thoughts College Students Have When They See A Tour On Campus
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10 Thoughts Every College Student Has When They See A College Tour On Campus

Just smile and wave.

10 Thoughts Every College Student Has When They See A College Tour On Campus
Lauren Sexton

Remember those days when you couldn't figure out where or what school you were going to go to? Thankfully, those days are in the past. No more college tours, right? Wrong. Now you aren't the one viewing, you are the one being viewed. You're on the "dark side" and everything is totally different.

Here a 10 thoughts colleges students have when they see a group of potential freshmen on a college tour.


They are so young! Do sophomores take college tours now? Look how embarrassed they get when their parents point at students and buildings while reminiscing about their college days. Little do they know that only gets worse when their parents come visit and attend football games and tailgates.

2. SO naive...

College is not well represented in any movie ever made. In real life, people don't miss their Bio exam for their acapella club performance. Because acapella has nothing to do with the success of your GPA, and your Bio professor isn't going to pat you on the back and sing an acapella version of We Are The Champions with you and tell you not to worry.

​3. Ugh, don't spend all that money on college T-shirts

Of course, they beg their parents and convince them into buying every college T-Shirt from every college they visited. That money could be spent on dorm necessities or actual college gear for the school you end up attending. In the end, who really wants to wear a T-shirt from Meaningless State University?

​4. Scream the school motto at them

*Yells "Roll Tide" and then gets a confused look from the prospective student but a roll tide back from the parents*

...Trust me, it only gets worse.

​5. Why do their parents whip out the cameras and takes pictures of other people's kids?

I understand the whole taking pictures of your kid at a college campus. It is a big deal for the Facebook Wall, but why must I and other enrolled students who don't know you or your child be included?

6. Seriously, at the gym too?

I don't get it, why are they always at the gym while I am working out looking sweaty and gross? *Parents then proceed to take pictures of the gym, you included. I don't take pictures of myself that way, so I definitely don't want you taking pictures of me and posting them with a caption like, "Got a chance to see the gym and everyone working out." Enough already!

7. Wow, that poor tour guide is wearing heels

Tour guides are the university's frontline. The face of the future. The billboard to encourage your child to attend, so she has to look good, and boy does she, right down to those high heeled shoes. But, don't her feet hurt? Like it's gotta hurt, right. How can she still be smiling through the pain?

8. Do they even realize sororities and fraternities are nothing like the movies?

Elle Woods makes sorority life seem so over the top and glamorous. Sorry, there are no late night pillow fights between a group of flawless big-chested girls in tiny lingerie giggling and jumping up and down. It's not endless parties and manicures. Sororities work hard to maintain a high grade point average and participate in philanthropic activities. And any movie with a fraternity depicted it... well, isn't entirely wrong, but it's not 100% accurate.

9. One last tip... look at the dorms before you leave, and I mean the real dorms

I hope they aren't fooled into believing that all dorms are as luxurious as the newest ones or the model dorm room. Here at the University of Alabama, not all dorms look like Riverside and Lakeside, but that doesn't mean you won't be happy somewhere else, just be prepared for it. And remember location, location, location.

10. In the end, if they don't decide to attend school here, they are simply moronic

Because my school is so superior to all other colleges. It offers the best education, has the greatest football team and athletic program has the most outstanding Greek life, most beautiful campus, and the list goes on. Well at least it does is to me, and that's the secret. Find the school where all of that is true for you. Find the place where you fit, the place you love. Don't let anyone else influence you. Who cares where your parents went to school or where your friends or boyfriend is attending. This is your life and it has to be your decision. Make the right one and make it worthwhile.

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