Ways Oxford, Ohio Is Like Stars Hollow, Connecticut
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8 Ways That Oxford, Ohio Is Basically Just Stars Hollow, Connecticut, But Real

Oxford is just as magical as Stars Hollow!

8 Ways That Oxford, Ohio Is Basically Just Stars Hollow, Connecticut, But Real

If you're anything like me, you are obsessed with the show "Gilmore Girls." This was my freshman year of college go-to show, and each episode brings back a memory from one of my favorite years of college. I remember sitting in my twin-sized bed with my best friend at the time sipping hot cocoa while watching Rory's next adventure. What a time.

However, if you also go to Miami University, you know that Oxford is like a mini Stars Hollow! Here are a few reasons why.

Oxford in the winter!


Oxford in the winter is literally a mini Stars Hollow! Uptown looks exactly like the tiny town of Stars Hollow with its Christmas lights twinkling in the trees. People are walking in their parkas with hot chocolates saying hello. And everyone seems happy (except for the looming stress of finals week). Oxford in the winter is the best.

Everyone knows each other.


When walking down the street, everyone in Stars Hollow knows each other. From the mailman to the coffee shop employees, everyone always says hello! This is exactly how it is in Oxford. Whether walking around town at night coming from or going to a frat party or even walking Uptown to get Starbucks, the odds that you run into someone you know are so incredibly high. It's like a giant home! There are so many familiar faces around every corner that it's hard to feel lonely.

There is the perfect little coffee shop.

Kofenya Coffee / Facebook

Kofenya is just like Luke's Diner in "Gilmore Girls"! It's the perfect spot for people of all ages to meet up to do homework, write a paper, study, go on a date or just catch up! I know it's a go-to spot for me on the weekends. Not to mention that the coffee is incredible. Kofenya is such an Oxford staple, just like Luke's Diner is a Stars Hollow staple.

They both have their own fun and quirky festivals.

Miami University / Facebook

Like Stars Hollow, Oxford has all sorts of wacky traditions. For starters, we have Green Beer Day, a once-a-year drinking holiday. Basically, every year the Thursday before spring break, all of us college students go out on the town all night and do our shenanigans. It's a magical night. Although a little more wild than Stars Hollow's random holidays, it is still the same community feel as in the fictional town. From winter fest to farmers markets to spring fest, Oxford has all the fun holidays and festivals that Stars Hollow has!

Newcomers are always welcome!


Like in Stars Hollow, all are welcome in Oxford! Every year we accept new freshmen with loving and open arms. I love greeting in the new baby freshmen and showing them the ropes of college. Seeing all of them Uptown just brings a smile to my face. Welcome to Stars Hollow, er, I mean Oxford, freshmen! Get ready for the best four years of your life.

There's always a face that is iconic to the town.


In Stars Hollow, the iconic man was the mayor/bakery owner/everything-in-the-town owner. It seemed like he was everywhere. It was hilarious. In Oxford, the iconic man is the one who looks like Santa and passes out gifts to students around Christmas time. You can see him strolling around on his bike during any time of the year. And if you want presents, just come to King Library to meet him around Christmas.

You feel so safe just walking around.


In most cities/towns, it can feel unsafe to walk around alone. But in Oxford and Stars Hollow, it feels like the safest place ever! I know it may sound naive, but I have never felt safer than in Oxford. I run into friends around every corner, and I know that if I were ever in trouble I could call a friend to meet me in a matter of minutes. I honestly love living in a small college town, especially Oxford!

It's home!

Miami University / Facebook

Like Stars Hollow, Oxford is home. I have all my friends a walk away, and I have built a life there! There is nowhere that I would rather go to school. Oxford or nowhere! Like Stars Hollow, all those who live in Oxford find it really hard to leave. I can honestly say that the goodbye I say to Oxford every summer and winter is one of the hardest. #LoveAndHonor

Although Stars Hollow may be a fictional place, it is oddly similar to Oxford, Ohio (home of Miami University). It is such a tiny town that turns into a home faster than you could ever expect. The people in Ox go from friends to family in the blink of an eye. Your life is forever changed by living in the Ox Box. If you haven't paid it a visit yet, I highly recommend that you do! You will not regret it. See you soon, Ox!

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