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If LSU Wants To Be The Best, It Needs To Fix These 14 Incredibly Dire Problems Immediately

There is nothing you would change about it. Except a few little things.

The Louisiana State University sign.

LSU is the best school and I believe that every LSU student would agree. Saturday nights in Death Valley all the way to study sessions in Middleton cannot be beaten. Even though you may hate it at times such as finals week, you love every minute of it. There is nothing you would change about it. Except a few little things. LSU has many little things that seem to be all wrong and you will completely understand if you go to LSU.

However, these help identify LSU. You may love some of these little things and others you may not, but you will forever remember it.

1.The squirrels


If you have ever been on LSU's campus then you know that the squirrels run the campus. If they are in the way, you walk around them. They are huge because all they eat is Subway and Chick-fil-A. They are bigger than the average chihuahua and are as scary as rain in Death Valley. They are definitely something to be fearful of. Beware because they will attack.

2. The middleton ac

Middleton is supposed to be a place where you can study in comfort however you have to dress for winter when going. The AC is always on 60 or below. If you go in without a jacket, good luck. Even packed full during dead week and finals it is still freezing. Prot tip: start studying elsewhere. Sometimes it is too cold to handle.

3. The smokers in the quad

Many people are probably thinking, "but LSU is a non-smoking campus so why are there smokers?" Well, many students would like to know this too. We don't care what you do, however, please respect the students who do not smoke that have to walk to class and smell it. By the time non-smokers get to class, they smell like smoke just from walking through the quad.

4. Parking

I am pretty positive that all schools have this problem, however, LSU students are ruthless. They will literally watch you wait for a spot and pull in it before you can. It gets to the point where people illegally park just anywhere to make it to class on time. It doesn't matter if you leave early, you will still not be able to find anything. So if you live close enough to campus to not drive, take the bus.

5. Himes Hall

Where to begin on this building? Every student gets several thoughts as they walk into the testing center in Himes. I highly doubt anyone walks in feeling confident and walks out with the same confidence. Himes destroys our self-worth, motivation to finish school, and grades. You can study all you want but you will still walk in feeling like you want to just drop the class.

6. Lockett Hall

If you go to LSU you have had a class or 12 in Lockett. Most have probably been in the basement. There is nothing good about Lockett, especially the basement. The wifi barely connects and if too many people are logged in, the wifi is extremely slow. I have sat in class doing absolutely nothing because the wifi would not connect.

7. Trying to get lunch in the union on game days

Or trying to do anything on game days. However, going to the union on game day will result in a 45-minute wait. There are thousands of people on campus and it is almost impossible to get in and out of the union on a game day. Just make a sandwich before to save you time.

8. The people who sleep in the quad

This might just be me but I find it weird. How can you fall asleep in the middle of the busiest part of campus? I am pretty sure that they will wake up sweating with a possible sunburn. I just do not understand how this is possible. Are you really that sleep deprived that you can fall asleep in the grass? Someone, please explain this to me.

9. The professors who take attendance

This is a plus for students who go to class but for the ones who don't it sucks. You wake up late always and do not know if the participation points will be at the beginning of class or end. However, if you are unlucky like me and you are already running late it will probably be at the beginning. Better luck next time.

10. Kick off, orientation, high school visits, etc.

This is probably exactly what college students look like whenever high schoolers are walking around campus. They think they fit in but to us, they stick out like a sore thumb. This also makes getting lunch and going anywhere much harder because these kids are invading every space on campus. You dread the days they come and celebrate when they leave.

11. The people who ride skateboards on campus

Are they going to hit you or ride around you? You won't know until it happens. But really you hate them only because you left before them yet they still pass you up after you've been walking for 5 minutes. They get to class way before you and you are running to get there before the doors close. This is the reason people who walk don't like them. It is nothing personal.

12. The day fee bills go out

This is the day LSU students dread. This is the moment where you realize exactly how broke you will be for the upcoming semester. You log in and pretty much know how much you will owe but you are still shocked. You also lie to tell your parents you have no clue why you lost that scholarship.

13. Any game day where fans of the other team go anywhere near LSU fans

Especially Alabama. #SorryNotSorry, but we are better than you. We understand we might play you in games but this is our campus. Please get off of it and stay off. We don't like you, will never like you, and that's that. However, my favorite thing is when drunk students boo them in the union as they get lunch.

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14. Nothing, LSU is perfect.


We have the best of everything and you will not be allowed to tell us any differently. Even though these things may annoy us we love our school and would go absolutely nowhere different. We have Death Valley, Mike, Coach O, and the greatest students alive.

Every school has little things you don't like about them but that is what makes them special and unique. LSU is amazing and every student will agree. We love every little thing about it because this is what is making our college experience great.

Geaux Tigers!

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