This Week's 5 Best Songs

Have you ever been listening to your music, and then just hit "skip" on basically every song? It's hard to find the time to sit down and do a little musical exploration. Students probably have an even harder time thanks to classes, homework, jobs, and sleep when we can get it. I believe that we are among the souls who need music the most, and how can we enjoy it when we skip every other track on the playlist? Well, look no further my friends, for I have found new music for you and am here to spread the good beats. Here are the five best songs I found this week.

1. "Phone Down" // Lost Kings Ft. Emily Warren

This song is for everyone who tries to spend a little quality time with bae, but bae won't put down their phone. I loved this one because it starts out slow with the slightest hint of a love song when all of a sudden the light from his phone kills the moment, and strikes inspiration for this hit.

2. "Firestorm" // Adventure Club Ft. Sara Diamond

Sara Diamond lends beautiful vocals to Adventure Club's careful composition of wubs and bass. By the second verse you'll be clapping to the beat and singing along because yes you are a firestorm, and you're going to kill this week.

3. "Jacque Sparrow" // Unlike Pluto Ft. Vafa Sobhani

No not that Jack Sparrow. In this track a piano melody sets the scene before some chilling vocals and clever synthesis gets woven in. This is the type of song to make you do a half dance, half walk while you listen to it. The upbeat keys will keep a pep in your step the whole way through.

4. Bad And Boujee (R3HAB VS No Riddim Remix) // Migos

At this point, it's a safe bet that everyone's heard this song. No? Then you must've seen the "Rain Drop/Drop Top" memes (I know you have because I just showed you). Well, this is a remix of the latest radio rap hit that will make you want to head bang and twerk . . . at the same damn time.

5. Aloha // Mome Ft. Merryn Jean

This was my personal favorite new find this week. The snow has been a real drag, and I've been finding myself longing for warmer days. Maybe it's the name, but "Aloha" has a tropical house vibe that'll make you forget the weather sucks. If you close your eyes, you can even almost pretend you're on the beach with a margarita in your hand.

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