9 Practical Things I Wish They Taught In High School, But Totally Still Don't

9 Practical Things I Wish They Taught In High School, But Totally Still Don't

They teach more classes in high school than I can count, but they missed a few lessons that are really important.


In high school, I learned a lot about history, science, mathematics, and English.

I learned some of the techical parts of theater and music, and I learned a few life lessons.

However, once I got to college and had to do a few more adult things, I realized that high school really doesn't teach you some of the most important things you need to know.


One of the most important things you need to know is how to do taxes. There were many classes at my high school that offered various other life skills, like cooking, health, sewing, cosmetology, automotive knowledge, and yet, there was not ONE freaking class that taught anyone how to do taxes.

2. Human decency.

Sure, you have really kind teachers that encourage you to do the right thing and they lead by example. You also learn from your parents and other role models in your life how to be a good person. But what happens when you have someone that clearly misses the mark? Knowledge of manners and how to be kind to people are things that are desperately needed in the world today.

3. Respect and patience.

Yes, this may also fall under human decency, but what I'm talking about is a more specific type of respect. I think if you pass a human decency class, you'd rock a respect class, but some people who claim to have manners are some of the most disrespectful people to customer service, retail, and restaurant employees I have ever seen. Learn to understand that you are not the only customer that an employee is serving, and that there are myriad things to do during the day that may come before getting you that extra coupon that someone isn't technically supposed to give you.

4. How to cook more than just spaghetti, cereal, or microwave food

There are many schools that offer culinary and home economics classes as part of their curriculum. However, with all the fancy recipes out there, and my desire to try a lot of them, I would like to know how to cook and the few times we did cook in my food health class, it was simple things like eggs or hamburgers. I WANT TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE FANCY THINGS.

5. How to balance a checkbook.

Okay, so I know how to do this. But it has come to my attention that many people my age do not, and they rely on hoping for the best when it comes to their finances. Budgeting and making sure you have money before your card is declined is obviously very important, and should be emphasized before we have to make important adult purchases.

6. How to manage stress.

Sure, bubble baths exist, and aromatherapy candles may have some worth, but when it comes to balancing everything without having a mental breakdown every other week, it would be helpful for many adults to be able to learn coping tips without having to visit a psychiatrist FIRST.

7. How to stretch a dollar.

I've been taught some decent saving and spending habits, but I know of many people who don't even look at prices on things and then realize they're broke a week later. How to calculate the best sales and the art of using coupons are two lessons broke college kids and pretty much all of humanity in general can benefit from.

8. Good communication.

I've learned countless times over that one of the most important things in life is good communication. Whether that's between a supervisor and his or her team, family members, friends, professors and students, significant others, or any other communicating individuals, there should be decent communication so that necessary information is shared with parties involved.

9. Cherishing the important things (and people!)

Okay, so if you know me, you know my articles tend to have at least one sappy point. I wish I had learned this for certain while I had time to.I regret not making the most of my friendships and realizing that some people are not meant to stay in your life forever, so you should appreciate the good times while they're there. I wish I had learned to really cherish people before they were gone. I didn't talk very much to my Papaw and I've regretted that more times than I can count. I miss so many things and people sometimes, and that's one lesson I am trying to keep learning every day.

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