I could not tell you how many times I have heard one of my professors tell me "you won't be able to write this paper at the last minute". I am not sure if it is just the inner competitor in me that takes that as a challenge, or the procrastinator in me, or a healthy mix between the two, but writing my papers at the last minute is something I always seem to do.

During my "procrastination period" I enjoy checking tons of stuff of my to-do list before going into a manic state while typing away furiously on my keyboard. Here a a few things I like to do.

1. Stare at my hands, and kneecaps, and examen my face in detail in the mirror. Sometimes while putting off a paper I like to take a good look at myself for any changes that may have occurred since my last procrastination session.

2. Netflix. Duh. You thought this was going to be number one, didn't you? No, checking my forehead for wrinkles always beats Netflix during this time, but to be fair Netflix is usually on in the back ground.

3. Pinterest. Most of my boards on Pinterest have been composed right before a very important exam. Trendy hair styles, best make-up ideas, cute animals, diy's, home decor, workout plans, etc...

4. Clean. Oh my gosh, when was the last time I cleaned that window seal, or the refrigerator? I think the walls could go for a good scrubbing too...

5. Go through old stuff. This is a must during prolonged bouts of procrastination. I usually find myself sitting in the middle of my bedroom floor with all my old elementary and middle notes sprawled out with tears of laughter rolling down my face as I reminisce about the good old days, and how awkward and really un-cool my friends and I were.


Note: To be fair, I typically procrastinate with purpose. As I have come to know myself over the past 21 years, I have realized that this is a trait that isn't just going to go away, but I have learned to manage. I don't simply wait until the very last second and free-hand everything. Before I begin procrastinating, which is anywhere from two weeks to three months before the paper is due, I decide how long I would actually need to do the paper. I usually give myself two days at the most, and possibly 2 hours at the least, depending on how long it has to be and what is required. This tactic has actually worked out pretty well in the past, and I am proud to say that my procrastination skills haven't failed me yet.

Carry on, guys. But take your time, because you know, work is hard.