As a fellow student, I understand the stress and pressure that college puts on us all too well. I know the long days, the longer nights, the "going on day three of unwashed hair but don't have time to shower because I am late for my 9 am" mood. In an attempt to send out some positive vibes for the end of this semester, here are a few things we can all look forward to during our much-needed break.

1. Time to catch some z's.

In college, this seems to be more of a luxury rather than a necessity. I couldn't tell you how many times I have been walking through campus and saw someone passed out in a chair, or on the floor. School most definitely takes a toll on your priorities, and unfortunately, sleep usually takes a back seat. You finally have a chance to sleep in and not worry about a class to rush to, or a test you have to study for. Let's us enjoy this precious gift while it lasts.

2. Time to catch up on your favorite show.

Netflix, Hulu, whatever your TV streaming company of choice is, we all do it. Binge watching is addictive, and college just doesn't care. Wouldn't it be great if they made a class just for watching Netflix? Anyhow, whether your break is two weeks or a whole month like mine (lucky me), you have plenty of time to see what's been going on in all your guilty-pleasure shows, or start and finish a few new ones! The sky is the limit, guys!

3. Time for a mental recharge.

Take this time to relax. Clear your brain of all off the stress and anxiety from the semester and recharge yourself. Personally, I enjoy trying to be a mindless zombie to keep my mind extra empty for all the knew knowledge coming at me next term, but that's just me...

4. Time to focus on yourself.

College is so demanding, and it always involves giving all of ourselves up. Yes, it is for our future, but some days it just doesn't seem that way. Enjoy this time doing something you want to do. Be a bit selfish, it's okay. Go dancing, sing karaoke, take a mini road trip (to McDonald's because who can afford a real road trip, am I right?) Have "me" time. Most importantly, remember that college is tough, but we ARE doing this for a reason. We can do it!