9 Things To Know Before You Date A Free-Spirited Woman

9 Things To Know Before You Date A Free-Spirited Woman

We are in a category of our own.


When I was first described by people as being free-spirited, it initially confused me.

I thought “Well I’m just being me.” The term "free-spirited" is often used to describe a complex person with an extraordinary mind, a beautiful soul with an unconventional passionate approach towards life. Being termed "free-spirited" does not come with a how-to guide manual or a certain “trend” one who is free-spirited must follow. Free-spirited people do however share the love of everything the world has to offer. Sometimes we may come off as weird or different but that's who we are, flowing with the current that has swooped us off to the next adventure in life. We open our mind, heart and arms to every situation that comes our way,facing everything with optimism.

It comes to no surprise that when a potential partner comes strolling along we tend to be a bit mysterious and confusing. Here are some things to know when trying to date/get to know/or love a strong free-spirited woman

1. Authenticity is important to us.

We do not obsess over an individual just by their mere looks. Sure we may be attracted initially but we will not change or beg you to be with us.

Playing mind games is not our forte, we have more important things to do with our time then sit by our phone for hours waiting for someone to acknowledge our existence.

Make sure you know that a free-spirited woman will not be caught up on you if you are fake. We see right through to your true intentions.

When you realize this we will have already taken flight to better things.

2. Don’t try to condone us to the mundane.

We like what we like because it has purpose and meaning in our lives. Free-spirited woman do not stress over the latest mini skirt at Urban Outfitters, or the latest fashion in blogs. We do not allow material items to hold our identity.

If you expect us to have a plain personality and accept the boring then you have another thing coming.

With everything we do, we do with purpose while putting a little bit of ourselves into what ever it is.

Yes free-spirited people can work nine-to-five jobs to pay the bills but it does not mean we won’t pursue our goals with striking passion.

We can not be controlled by strict schedules and boring routines day in and day out, we love variety!

3. We are always looking at new ideologies.

Be ready for many totally different outlooks on life, free-spirited people hold an unquenchable thirst for knowledge that never seems to go away. We are always trying to gain more knowledge to the world in which we dwell in.

Through enriching our minds, asking questions, and learning from all different aspects we try to become better people, and one with the world.

So one day, we could be into Astrology and the next practicing Hinduism.

Because of this we will never judge another for their views, or thinking differently than us.

4. We love unconditionally.

Free-spirited people are genuine , and we can see right through bogus people. But when we find someone genuine we tend to always love them.

Even if the person has hurt us, we will always forgive them and allow them back into our lives. Love is love.

5. We live in the now.

Yes we can save money for our future but that does not stop us from enjoying everyday we are given.

We hold a mindfulness that lets us separate ourselves from our thoughts, which allows us to become observers of our thoughts without judgement.

This structures us to be open-minded and understanding of many situations.

We do not trap ourselves in the past or future because it takes away the joy of experience standing right in front of us.

6. Our idea of beauty is not constrained by the conventional.

A free-spirited woman can see the beauty in the ugliest of situations, everything we look at, and experience holds some sort of beauty.

When we put on make up and shave our legs we are only addressing the outside beauty we hold because we know the real beauty is within ourselves.

Our souls reflect our being, and becomes our most important accessory.

7. We want to experience everything.

Our love to engage in the raw and visceral experiences pushes us out of our comfort zone.

You can find us at lobster fest one day and a tea convention the next. Our need to take part in everything life has to offer goes along with the freedom we posses. We are free to do what we like, following the whims of our heart. Preferring to play things by ear and to go with the flow.

Having this characteristic can make us seem flaky but in truth we hate missing opportunities to experience anything new.

8. Free-spirits rather be alone than in bad company.

We surround ourselves with good vibes and cherish those people who are genuine. Toxic people are no good to be around because they pose a threat to the positive atmosphere we hold important to us.

9. Admire and appreciate our uniqueness, creativity and zest for life!

We are who we are, and what we bring to the table in any relationship is the table. We are fiercely independent and allow no one to knock us down or determine who we are. Our unorthodox ways have taught us many things in life.

No one can take away the freedom we posses within ourselves! So if you want to fly with us or admire us from the ground you're more then welcome but know that you can never cage us.

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